Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 01, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Syrup source MAPLE
Rabbit’s home HUTCH
Heavens supporter ATLAS
Blue hue AZURE
Decade divisions YEARS
Anger, informally DANDER
Pester NAG
Enzyme suffix ASE
Kid’s afternoon break NAPTIME
“You bet!” YES
Army makeup TROOPS
Virtue PIETY
Rx amount DOSAGE
By way of VIA
Vulcan’s lookalike ROMULAN
Sphere ORB
Binary digit ONE
Remain for a bit STAYON
Conference site of 1945 YALTA
Ridiculous INANE
Enjoyed avidly ATEUP
Not bother LETBE
Lusty looks LEERS


Distress call MAYDAY
Relaxed ATEASE
Runway sights PLANES
Cooking fat LARD
Pillbox, for one HAT
Israeli gun UZI
Rutabaga’s cousin TURNIP
Defeats decisively CREAMS
Yard border HEDGE
Helium, for one RAREGAS
Latent promise POTENTIAL
Gift from Santa TOY
Nittany Lions’ sch. PSU
Brunch dish OMELET
Laundry worker IRONER
Doubleday et al. ABNERS
Fit for a king ROYAL
Writer Rice ANNE
Old boat TUB
Zoo beast APE
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