Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers May 01, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Binge JAG
Sleeping ABED
Not barefoot SHOD
Right angle ELL
152, in old Rome CLII
Volcanic flow LAVA
Billy — Williams DEE
Skater Lipinski TARA
Asia’s — Sea ARAL
1976 Stevie Wonder hit ISNTSHELOVELY
Gloomy guy GUS
Golf’s Ernie ELS
Furnish with gear EQUIP
Expert ACE
Approves OKS
Nonsense GUFF
Word of denial NOT
Olympic hurdler Jones LOLO
Sticky stuff GOO
Lass GAL
Spacious ROOMY
Architect I. M. — PEI
Extinct New Zealander MOA
1969 Stevie Wonder hit MYCHERIEAMOUR
Sleek, in car lingo AERO
Makes a choice OPTS
“— was saying …” ASI
Lay — the line ITON
Italy’s silhouette BOOT
Vegas cubes DICE
Altar vows IDOS
Retired jet SST


“Star Wars” knight JEDI
Pub orders ALES
Hidden valley GLEN
Misbehaves ACTSUP
Doldrums BLAHS
The Emerald Isle EIRE
Regional language variation DIALECT
Balkan natives SLAVS
Tortoise’s opponent HARE
Track shape OVAL
Emmy-winning Tyne DALY
Pre-weekend cry TGIF
World Cup cheer OLE
Omelet need EGG
Status — QUO
Roswell sighting UFO
MSN rival AOL
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
Carrier to Amsterdam KLM
Tofu source SOY
Capital of Kenya NAIROBI
Clay-rich soil LOAM
“My word!” GEE
Sunday entrees ROASTS
Give a ring PHONE
“Same here!” METOO
Hotel worker MAID
Bigfoot’s cousin YETI
Gator’s kin CROC
Apple product IPOD
Rowboat needs OARS
Applications USES
Falling-out RIFT
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