Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 04, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Starts a golf hole TEESUP
Designer Giorgio ARMANI
Buffalo’s lake ERIE
Post-Impressionist painter PAULCEZANNE
Brick worker MASON
Anesthetized NUMB
Arkin of “Argo” ALAN
Snappy comeback RETORT
Bit of makeup DAB
Despondent SAD
By way of VIA
Charlie Brown’s dog SNOOPY
Crooner Crosby BING
See the sights TOUR
Onion’s kin LEEK
Moon of Saturn TITAN
Post-Impressionist painter PAULGAUGUIN
Different ELSE
“The Godfather” star BRANDO


Keg need TAP
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Outback bird EMU
Pink shade SALMON
Open, as a bottle UNCAP
Diner desserts PIES
Trail mix bit PEANUT
Coffee dispenser URN
Shark feature FIN
Phone bill addition FEE
Like urban areas ZONED
Incline SLANT
Forbidden TABOO
Studio work MOVIE
TV spots ADS
Beam of light RAY
Price setting TAG
Parsley serving SPRIG
Factory store OUTLET
Cincinnati player BENGAL
Rob’s TV wife LAURA
Bar bills TABS
Writing tool PEN
Bar order ALE
Mex. neighbor USA
One, for Juan UNO
Groom’s answer IDO
Persona — grata NON
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