Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 11, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Mixologist BARMAN
Relaxing places SPAS
Sigh, say EXHALE
Sledding site HILL
Crystal-filled stones GEODES
Blackmail EXTORT
Baby’s call MAMA
Unrefined CRASS
Stretch of years ERA
Be eco-friendly RECYCLE
Peculiarity TIC
Outback bird EMU
Shade HUE
Power plant part REACTOR
Squid’s squirt INK
More mature OLDER
Runs for health JOGS
Catcher’s place HOME
Approaching TOWARD
Verdi piece ARIA
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Diner buy MEAL
Common greetings HELLOS


Entreat BEG
Forest tool AXE
Letter after pi RHO
Tyler Perry persona MADEA
Trebek of “Jeopardy!” ALEX
High home NEST
After-dinner wine SHERRY
Popular nut PISTACHIO
The Matterhorn, e.g. ALP
Cunning SLY
Take place OCCUR
Paris subway METRO
“The Tempest” sprite ARIEL
Popular nut MACADAMIA
Suspended SLUNG
Looks for SEEKS
Fashionably dated RETRO
Moody music EMO
Breakfast choice CEREAL
Setting filler JEWEL
Provo’s state UTAH
One or more SOME
Sandwich meat HAM
Bauxite, e.g. ORE
Completely ALL
Carnival city RIO
German articles DAS
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