Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 25, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Gullet CRAW
Velvety flower PANSY
Detested HATED
Like tumblers AGILE
Pueblo material ADOBE
Water lily’s kin LOTUS
A thou thou MIL
Plymouth colonizer PILGRIM
Temple support PILLAR
Tennis feat ACE
Sacred chests ARKS
Hamilton’s bill TEN
Basic idea GIST
Gets older AGES
Nonsense ROT
Fill completely SATE
Pitching stat ERA
Bed item PILLOW
Stunned wonder AWE
Rap sheet info ALIAS
Showy detail FRILL
Lively dance TANGO
Night fliers BATS


Victor CHAMP
Circle spokes RADII
Island ring ATOLL
Fly catcher WEB
Become tiresome PALL
Overly eager AGOG
Fertilizer chemical NITRATE
Floodgates SLUICES
Toadies YESMEN
Tick off IRK
— Vegas LAS
Fill the bill SATISFY
Dian Fossey subject GORILLA
Bread choice ITALIAN
Salon stuff GEL
Spring mo. APR
Space-going dog LAIKA
Wee hooter OWLET
“The Time Machine” writer WELLS
Viper feature FANG
“— Perpetua” (Idaho motto) ESTO
Burgle ROB
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