Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 17, 2020

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Poetry competitions SLAMS
Like dunce caps CONIC
Ship of 1492 PINTA
Without aid ALONE
Short putt TAPIN
Equestrian activity RIDING
What’s more AND
Finished off ATE
Sneeze cause ALLERGY
— relief BAS
Perches ROOSTS
Decrees FIATS
Greek consonants PIS
Diver’s place DEEPSEA
Tiny worker ANT
Use the track RUN
Nod off DROWSE
Seething IRATE
Central INNER
Harness-race horse PACER
Indian, for one OCEAN
Ranch animal STEER
Appears SEEMS


Egyptian emblem SCARAB
Nabokov novel LOLITA
Battery ends ANODES
Short skirt MINI
Imagined sequences of events SCENARIOS
Suitable APT
Soccer’s Hamm MIA
To some extent INPART
Con games STINGS
Yellow-gray SANDY
Was an obnoxious winner GLOATED
Womanizers LOTHARIOS
Twisty turn ESS
Dandy FOP
Painter Georges SEURAT
“Parks and Recreation” town PAWNEE
Pants measure INSEAM
Boat backs STERNS
Faucet problems DRIPS
In the past ONCE
Kicker’s aid TEE
Mess up ERR
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