Universal Crossword Answers April 03, 2024

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Author: by Rebecca Goldstein and Will Eisenberg


Scottish musician, maybe PIPER
Loops in on an email CCS
British nobles LORDS
Company that made Breakout ATARI
Key near Ctrl ALT
“Star Trek” lieutenant UHURA
Channel with a Capitol Hill HQ CSPAN
Not near FAR
2023 prize for Anne L’Huillier NOBEL
Lowest digit? TOE
“___ Gravity” (“Wicked” song) DEFYING
Ride the waves SURF
Animated pig whose name sounds like a seasoning PEPPA
Turquoise and topaz GEMS
Smart TV brand RCA
Thin openings SLITS
Chi-Town hub ORD
Aleppo’s nation SYRIA
Time of your life? AGE
Newspapers and such MEDIA
Valentine symbol HEART
Drink that might contain boba TEA
Ordinary USUAL
“Cats” actor McKellen IAN
Process that produces daughter cells MITOSIS
___-Magnon CRO
2D geometry calculation AREA
Basic belief TENET
Terrier type SKYE
Actress Salonga LEA
“Green” prefix ECO
“Fancy!” OOHLALA
“Thanks, amiga!” GRACIAS
“There! Standing by the swimming pool, on one foot … Wait, is that a ___?” PLASTICFLAMINGO
Overhang EAVE
Influencer’s sway CLOUT
Hairstyle you might pick AFRO
Kremlin veto NYET
“Don’t like it? Tough!” SUEME
Library transaction LOAN


Pinkie promises, say PACTS
“We’re winning this season!” ITSOURYEAR
“There! Sitting on the craft table, with the crisply folded wings … Wait, is that a ___?” PAPERCRANE
Chapter of history ERA
Thick peel RIND
Espresso drink CAFFELATTE
“There! Arcing through the sky, with the round, red figure … Wait, is that a ___?” CLAYPIGEON
“Magic Mike” performance STRIPTEASE
Breathing organ LUNG
Cry of surprised delight OHO
“There! Floating on the sudsy water, with the orange beak … Wait, is that a ___?” RUBBERDUCK
Log of a time out? DREAMDIARY
Department with quotas SALES
Short musical releases, for short EPS
Lil ___ X NAS
County event with pig races FAIR
Comes and ___ GOES
Branch of Islam SHIA
$20 bill dispenser ATM
Greek M’s MUS
Sunburn soother ALOE
Writing with a slant? ITALICS
Ready to go ALLSET
___ butterfly SOCIAL
Devour EAT
Video taker, for short CAM
Unwrap OPEN
Skin care brand OLAY
Possess HAVE
“Know your rights” org. ACLU
Down in the dumps GLUM
Deets INFO
Indian city that anagrams to “raga” AGRA
In a moment SOON
Enemy FOE
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