New York Times Crossword Answers April 01, 2024

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Author: Alan Arbesfeld
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Floats like a scent on the breeze WAFTS
___ Grand (Vegas casino) MGM
Grandmother, affectionately NANA
Look forward to AWAIT
Obsessive to a fault ANAL
Spoken ORAL
Farm equipment company with an antlered logo DEERE
Bite-size treat with a hole MINIDONUT
Ogle rudely LEERAT
Deep-fried Indian pastry SAMOSA
Waste time DAWDLE
Matthew Perry's role on "Friends" CHANDLER
Nabisco cookie OREO
Italian goodbye CIAO
Triumphant cries at a magic show TADAS
U.K. news source, with "the" BEEB
Deg. for a suit MBA
"Give us this day ___ daily bread" OUR
Lingerie purchase BRA
Scot's denial NAE
Super-cool, in slang DOPE
Capital of Michigan LANSING
Ones in a financial hole OWERS
Greek god of war ARES
Zesty flavor TANG
Speak dismissively of BELITTLE
Behaves theatrically EMOTES
Alex of "Jeopardy!" fame TREBEK
Asset of a successful entrepreneur VISION
Up in the air UNCERTAIN
Cowboy boot attachments SPURS
Late-night host Meyers SETH
Missile housing SILO
Portly STOUT
Quaint lead-in to while ERST
Put on, as clothing DON
Mother, affectionately MOMMY


Thick stack of cash WAD
Blown-away feeling AWE
Start behaving more responsibly, literally? ANEWLEAF
Bored with TIREDOF
Iron/carbon alloy STEEL
Who "said there'll be days like this," in a 1961 hit MAMA
Malfunctioning, literally? ACTING
Homo sapiens MAN
Lunar omen in a 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit, literally? BADMOON
Actor Schwarzenegger ARNOLD
Queasy feeling NAUSEA
Places to exchange wedding vows ALTARS
Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona ___" LISA
Reminiscent of work by the 14th-century author of "Inferno" DANTEAN
Win back, as losses RECOUP
Campus residence DORM
United ___ Emirates ARAB
Walk with difficulty HOBBLE
Jennifer Lopez #1 hit with the lyric "What you get is what you see" IMREAL
Cock-a-doodle-dooer ROOSTER
Wipes clean ERASES
Alpinist's activity, literally? MOUNTAIN
Oscar winner Hathaway ANNE
Dairy aisle dozen EGGS
Make a rude gesture with one's finger, literally? THEBIRD
Go as low as STOOPTO
Like an angle between 90° and 180° OBTUSE
Film director Herzog WERNER
Votes into office ELECTS
Former N.S.C. staffer at the center of the Iran-Contra affair, literally? OLIVER
Broadway purchases: Abbr. TKTS
Bette Midler's "Divine" nickname MISSM
Privy to INON
Financial support AID
Liquor in a mai tai RUM
Pig's spot to wallow STY
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