Universal Crossword Answers April 20, 2024

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Author: by Dylan Merrill


___ Scout cookies GIRL
First words of “Crazy Train” ALLABOARD
Inkling IDEA
“No doubt about it” YEAHIMSURE
Become worn at the edge FRAY
Admitting one’s mistakes EATINGCROW
Kind of jar near the cash register, maybe TIP
Stare in amazement GAPE
Give a glowing review RAVE
Raptors also known as sea hawks OSPREYS
One might hang over a crib MOBILE
Catlike FELINE
Second half of a record SIDEB
Move effortlessly GLIDE
“Move on already!” GETOVERIT
“Honest” prez ABE
___ pitch (state of extreme excitement) FEVER
Card with two different point values in blackjack ACE
Prominent parts of funk music BASSLINES
Plastic wrap brand SARAN
Discover LEARN
Necessary ingredients, informally FIXINS
Pilot a plane AVIATE
Pterodactyl feature? SILENTP
Move like a moth FLIT
Band with the 1982 hit “Africa” TOTO
Simple top TEE
Brightly patterned Hawaiian top ALOHASHIRT
Small coastal inlet COVE
Unserious amateur DILETTANTE
Matured AGED
Good thing to have near the start of a game EARLYLEAD
Oodles TONS


Ability to speak confidently and persuasively GIFTOFGAB
“Luther” star heard at the start of Taylor Swift’s “London Boy” IDRISELBA
Puts on again, as sunscreen REAPPLIES
Place down LAY
“Yes, captain!” AYEAYE
Overdue LATE
Poke bowl protein AHI
Recycling receptacle BIN
“R u for real?!” OMG
Attribute (to) ASCRIBE
Like nearly 65% of Vermont’s population in 2020 RURAL
Operated a vehicle DROVE
Barnyard mama EWE
It’s hereditary GENE
Free (of) RID
Tiny biters MITES
Stench ODOR
Drink, informally BEV
Most common roll in craps SEVEN
Romance or fantasy, for example GENRE
Champin’ at the bit RARINTOGO
“Literally, it’s too much for me to process” ICANTEVEN
Some geared bicycles TENSPEEDS
Italian automaker FIAT
Move like a snake SLITHER
Meadow LEA
Farm structure SILO
Chopping tool AXE
Like some bedsheets FITTED
Irish singer and guitarist Sherlock known for her viral YouTube videos ALLIE
String quartet instrument VIOLA
Craze FAD
Prong on a fork TINE
Peach State airport code ATL
Pig’s pen STY
Evil computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey” HAL
Mr. Jinx in “Meet the Parents,” for one CAT
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