New York Times Crossword Answers April 18, 2024

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Author: David Kwong
Editor: Joel Fagliano


It might come in a package AID
Showy accessories on marching band uniforms PLUMES
Big mouth MAW
Measure of inflation, in brief PSI
Money maven, for short CFO
The False Good Samaritan, e.g. CON
Account that's been overdrawn? SAGA
Delightful diversion ROMP
Mo. without a federal holiday AUG
*Acre on the ocean floor MOTHEROFPEARL
Menu fish SOLE
It'll all shake out SALT
Wood commonly used in mid-century modern furniture ASH
One way to come out AHEAD
Aware of INON
Limitless quantity SEA
*Ice is found on it RIVIERA
Animal whose name, when capitalized, is a major West African language EWE
Things to piece together KITS
Fireplace bit EMBER
"That being said …" YET
Days leading up to the next sign, in astrology CUSP
Director Johnson RIAN
*Ovid of Greek mythology THECRETANBULL
Verizon sale of 2021 AOL
Greet the day RISE
Roundup sounds MOOS
You might need a lift to do this SKI
Thrice-remade movie … or, when parsed as six words, a hint to the theme clues in this puzzle ASTARISBORN
First name in objectivism AYN
Horace's "Ars ___" POETICA
Hosp. scan MRI
Faddish 1990s disk POG
Like some coding loops and measuring cups NESTED
Not wavering SET


Does like APES
It follows the Hijri calendar ISLAM
Saber-toothed tiger in the "Ice Age" movies DIEGO
Summer setting in S.F. PDT
Bloomers worn around one's head? LEI
Visitor from a faraway place UFO
Alice with a Nobel Prize in Literature MUNRO
Words before time or story ENDOF
Roguish sorts SCAMPS
*Assist in a foursome MCCARTNEY
One way to run AFOUL
Anna May ___, Hollywood's first Chinese American film celebrity WONG
Naturally competitive TYPEA
Musical with Rum Tum Tugger and Mungojerrie CATS
Winter frost HOAR
For grades K-12 ELHI
Superman portrayer REEVE
Athlete with the only vertically mounted marker on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so his holy name is not walked upon ALI
"Don't ___" ASK
Half of dodici SEI
*Ascent stage for a bird HATCHLING
Sightsee? AIM
Name that's an anagram of BREAD DEBRA
Be beholden to OWE
Clear NET
Attachment to a bit REIN
Graceful horse ARAB
Seek retribution, in a way SUE
Small brawl SCRAP
Joint, so to speak PRISON
Deadened NUMB
Olympics site TOKYO
Perfume name with an accent ESTEE
Milk sources TEATS
Devices with shuttles LOOMS
Peter of 1934's "The Man Who Knew Too Much" LORRE
"Yesterday!" ASAP
Cross fit? SNIT
Gradually slower, in music: Abbr. RIT
Suffix with coward ICE
Heavy-hearted SAD
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