Universal Crossword Answers April 21, 2024

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Author: by Adrian Johnson and Ada Nicolle


Poker player’s “pocket rockets” ACES
Name that anagrams to “Allie” LEILA
Many online worksheets PDFS
Message from the heart LOVELETTER
Cookie in a certain Blizzard OREO
What a diva sings OPERAMUSIC
Laura of “Jurassic Park” DERN
Two hours before midnight TEN
___ of work BODY
Its entries aren’t meant to be judged DIARY
Cutesy nickname for an Elizabethan collar CONEOFSHAME
People told to “stand clear of the closing doors” RIDERS
Russia’s ___ Mountains URAL
“forgot 2 mention …” BTW
Doing the dishes, for one CHORE
Raised, as sheep BRED
Baseball legend Sammy SOSA
Situation that only looks like disarray CONTROLLEDCHAOS
Many urban homes: Abbr. APTS
Data transmission speed unit BAUD
Call on for cash HITUP
Jewish title, or an NBA stat REB
Anjou alternative BOSC
Oktoberfest links WURSTS
Underground rap? SECRETKNOCK
Grinding tooth MOLAR
It makes some pastries yellow YOLK
___ chart PIE
Adore, as an idol STAN
“What would happen otherwise?” ANDIFIDONT
Butter chicken ___ (Canadian dish that combines Indian cuisines) ROTI
Attempts at conflict resolution? PEACETALKS
Mosab Abu Toha or Maya Angelou POET
Played (with) TOYED
Up in others’ business NOSY


More than some ALOT
Make do COPE
“To be” in Spanish SER
They make some pastries yellow LEMONS
Pianist’s practice piece ETUDE
“Boy do I have good news to share!” ITSYOURLUCKYDAY
Polynesian garland LEI
Football’s path ARC
Talking points? PODIA
Total hunks DREAMBOATS
Exposes through diligence FERRETSOUT
PlayStation producer SONY
Hired hand LABORER
UPS rival DHL
“Two mints in one” brand CERTS
Turned loose FREED
Anti-DUI grp. SADD
Kid’s vehicle with an antenna, for short RCCAR
“My fingers are crossed as well” IHOPESOTOO
Timely request? DONTBELATE
Yellow jackets, e.g. WASPS
Grand time BLAST
Neglect, as duties SHIRK
Orchestra tuner OBOE
“That’s gone bad” CHUCKIT
(I’m cold) BRR
Snarfed (down) WOLFED
“I’ve heard enough from you!” CANIT
“Suh-weet” NOICE
Auto dealership abbr. MSRP
Sport with horses POLO
Tattoo artist’s array INKS
Website with custom-made items ETSY
Fitting APT
Prefix with “liberal” NEO
Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” DAN
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