New York Times Crossword Answers April 19, 2024

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Author: Kate Hawkins
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Stubb was his second mate AHAB
Things attached to spines: Abbr. PGS
Blowback FLAK
Prep for a launch, in a way DEBUG
Shell company? CREW
Concept in holistic medicine AURA
Marimba lookalike VIBRAPHONE
Absolute ___ (big and strong person, in modern slang) UNIT
*taps watch anxiously* IDONTHAVEALLDAY
A.P. subj. LIT
Deep-fried bite TATERTOT
"Othello" character who laments "Reputation, reputation, reputation! O, I have lost my reputation!" CASSIO
New face at the Academy PLEBE
The Alhambra in Spain, for one PALACE
When doubled, "Shame!" TUT
Pie choice RHUBARB
Blue character in Pixar's "Inside Out" SADNESS
Onetime magazine that covered science fiction OMNI
Put together SUM
Acclaimed bandleader who grew up in Spanish Harlem PUENTE
Intended MEANT
Dances for which girls do the asking, informally SADIES
Was pleasurable FELTGOOD
Moo follower SHU
Explanation for a sudden change of plans SOMETHINGCAMEUP
Name that anagrams to a shape OLAV
Zoetrope creations ANIMATIONS
Bound for the big stage? JETE
Challenging item for a mover SOFA
Locale in a Beatles song USSR
Unspecified amount ANY
Unspecified amount ALOT


Remedy after a night out, perhaps ADVIL
Gardner of "Saturday Night Live" HEIDI
Superior sort? ABBOT
Cutting insult BURN
"Show me" PROVEIT
Hard work, so to speak SWEAT
Major rifts FAULTLINES
Swedish city where Scandinavia's first university was founded (1425) LUND
Bizet's "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle," for one ARIA
TV journalist ___ Tur KATY
Dystopian sci-fi film of 1997 GATTACA
Has a chinwag CHATS
Futuristic weapons PHASERS
Hack (off) LOP
Cooped-up feeling CABINFEVER
___ Prairie, Minn. EDEN
Choice BEST
Let off the gas, with "up" EASE
Springtime event, typically PROM
"Alas!" AHME
Sister of Sol, in myth LUNA
Cassava product TAPIOCA
Surprise, F.B.I.-style BUSTINON
Concern for a library patron or expectant parent DUEDATE
Holiday celebrated with lion dancing TET
comedy in which Alanis Morissette plays God DOGMA
Asian capital WSW of 48-Down LHASA
Asian capital ENE of 47-Down SEOUL
Bill with Ben Franklin on it, slangily HUNDO
Discountenanced UPSET
Korea's national drink SOJU
Estadio exclamations OLES
Gymnastics equipment MATS
Actress Kunis MILA
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