Universal Crossword Answers August 08, 2022

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Author: by Jon Pennington


Play a guitar lightly STRUM
Freeway exit RAMP
Unit of power WATT
Rub out ERASE
Youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II ANASTASIA
Type of naval ship in “Top Gun” AIRCRAFTCARRIER
Marie Curie’s title: Abbr. MME
Ignited LIT
Accumulate, as expenses INCUR
Quarterback’s shout before long pass GODEEP
2021 award for Simone Biles ESPY
What a paper jam may cause PRINTERERROR
I, for Aristotle IOTA
Something borrowed LOAN
Item lugged by a roadie AMP
Sticky note POSTIT
Certain hockey or soccer player GOALIE
Pigpen STY
Speaker’s platform DAIS
Pepsi Max, for one COLA
Bram Stoker or Stephen King, e.g. HORRORWRITER
Old-timey wizard MAGE
Was jealous of ENVIED
Toad sound CROAK
Text paired with “thx” PLS
“How cute!” AWW
Railroad container for perishables REFRIGERATORCAR
Stove-top/oven combo RANGE
Prankster in “The Simpsons” BART
Vehicle with treads TANK
Preadolescent TWEEN


Fabric-to-fabric border SEAM
Cut back a little TRIM
Like many valuable stamps RARE
School near UCLA USC
Red wine that lost market share after “Sideways” MERLOT
Roof support RAFTER
Industrious insect ANT
Computer since 1984 MAC
Ad Council spot, for short PSA
Surname of studio co-founders Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack WARNER
Japanese rival of Nike ASICS
Secure with ropes TIEUP
Dawdle TARRY
Prefix for “color” or “cycle” TRI
___-de-camp AIDE
Swarming pest GNAT
Long fish jellied in England EEL
Upside PRO
Domino spots PIPS
Cube ___ (3, for 27) ROOT
Teeny ITSY
Use for an old T-shirt RAG
Yoko heard on “Revolution 9” ONO
Scads ALOT
5,280 feet MILE
Bulbous-bottomed fruit PEAR
Nuptial agreement IDO
Goo from coal TAR
Fury IRE
Thor, to Odin SON
Media baron who inspired “Citizen Kane” HEARST
Motor home campsite RVPARK
Droop like a daisy WILT
Word after “last” or “summer” RESORT
Elusive fast-food pork sandwich MCRIB
Athletic stadium ARENA
Succeed at a high level GOFAR
Snakebite ___ (hiker’s safety set) KIT
Benzoyl peroxide target ACNE
Earnings per hour WAGE
Bird on South Carolina’s quarter WREN
Home to your microbiome GUT
Clean Air Act org. EPA
Oregon senator Wyden RON
Like carpaccio or ceviche RAW
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