Universal Crossword Answers January 12, 2022

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Author: by Jon Pennington


Pear part STEM
Chiding syllable TSK
Matted clumps of hair TUFTS
___ nuts (pesto ingredient) PINE
Exclude OMIT
The ___ (customer’s typical order) USUAL
Merit EARN
Drag queen in “Kinky Boots” LOLA
Mary Poppins, e.g. NANNY
Near Batman’s sidekick? AROUNDROBIN
Took off RAN
What do the pros say? AYE
Made a cozy little home NESTED
Stockpile some yogurt starter? AMASSCULTURE
“Count” who composed “One O’Clock Jump” BASIE
“Affirmative!” YES
People with an annual Sun Dance UTES
Cheese that’s made backward? EDAM
Actress Dandridge MERLE
Quick kiss PECK
Some body art, informally TATS
“Midsommar” director Aster ARI
Maya Angelou and Mary Oliver, e.g. POETS
Person playing marbles, often? AGATECRASHER
Madame, in Spain SENORA
Jump like a hare HOP
School fundraising grp. PTA
Anticipate the latest charts? AWAITTABLES
Bulldozes RAZES
“Enough stalling!” DOIT
Isn’t another way? AINT
JPEG or PNG file, e.g. IMAGE
Taunt JEER
“Good heavens!” MYGOD
Genre related to reggae SKA
Concerning ASTO


Pickle piece SPEAR
Pageant headwear TIARA
2001 scandal company ENRON
Restaurant list that might be accessed with a QR code MENU
“I knew I was right!” TOLDYA
Campfire treats SMORES
Unit of weight, for short KILO
Escape route in “The Great Escape” TUNNEL
Allyson Felix’s Olympic team USA
“Sounds like a great time!” FUN
Pale brown color TAN
Cunning SLY
Soda can feature TAB
Word on a “Hello!” tag NAME
Occupied INUSE
Private student TUTEE
Construct ERECT
You can stand at some while working DESKS
Has the goal of AIMSTO
Its capital is Damascus SYRIA
Still at Disney? CEL
Test versions of software BETAS
“Better late than never,” e.g. ADAGE
The Prince of Darkness SATAN
Type of parrot in Blue Sky’s “Rio” MACAW
Make a mistake ERR
Salt-N-___ PEPA
Wiped clean ERASED
Comedian’s “thing” SHTICK
Beverage often sweetened with honey HOTTEA
Ballet bends PLIES
Palindromic belief TENET
Lead-in to “physics” or “turf” ASTRO
Big ruckus ADO
They’re not free of charge IONS
Mexico’s ___ California BAJA
Word aptly found in “perimeter” RIM
“Back to Black” singer Winehouse AMY
Change directions suddenly ZAG
Nwodim of “SNL” EGO
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