Universal Crossword Answers January 26, 2023

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Author: by Lisa Senzel


The thing here THIS
Gets ready for vacation PACKS
Per unit EACH
With 15-Across, 1990 Christmas film featuring inept burglars HOME
See 14-Across ALONE
Lhasa ___ APSO
Actor Idris ELBA
Take the wheel STEER
___ Doctor (punny name for a DJ) SPIN
Discussion about saving the planet CLIMATEDEBATE
Lecture with a chat box WEBINAR
Goal of an accord PEACE
Vacation goal, for some REST
Bathroom curtain holder SHOWERROD
Recipe amt. TSP
Mine find ORE
“Scream” star Campbell NEVE
PD alert APB
“I’m not getting any ___!” YOUNGER
Spot to hibernate DEN
42-Across dweller BEAR
Psychedelic drug LSD
Photo PIC
It may be full of Trix CEREALBAR
English fellow CHAP
Points a finger at ACCUSES
2022 musical based on a 1959 crime comedy, or a hint to the starts of 20-, 28- and 48-Across SOMELIKEITHOT
In the distance AFAR
Voiced disapproval BOOED
Author McInerny or Roberts NORA
Old electric Chevy VOLT
Glam rocker David BOWIE
“___ go bragh!” ERIN
Slippery swimmers EELS
Bridges SPANS
Affirmative votes YEAS


“Superman & Lois” network THECW
Have some booze IMBIBE
It hangs over the ocean SEAMIST
Ziti or penne PASTA
Makes changes to ALTERS
Like most colleges COED
Joint with a cap KNEE
Croat’s neighbor SERB
Like Buddhist or Hindu philosophy EASTERN
Showed up, as in court APPEARED
Longtime CBS forensic series CSI
Sweetie HON
Fidgety ANTSY
Tailless simian APE
Sheltered inlet COVE
Heavenly garden EDEN
Accord maker HONDA
Nonprofit’s URL ending ORG
Shed tears WEEP
Survey POLL
They include “Q, R, S” ABCS
Shows everything BARESALL
PC port USB
Christina of “Yellowjackets” RICCI
Shows up, as for jury duty REPORTS
Indian condiment with a mango variety CHUTNEY
Place to enter a PIN ATM
Earn tons of RAKEIN
On dry land ASHORE
Symbol of Middle America PEORIA
Surrenders by treaty CEDES
Is a huge fan of, in modern slang STANS
Subsides EBBS
One never stops playing LOOP
“The Music Man” state IOWA
“___ Maria” AVE
Adversary FOE
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