Universal Crossword Answers July 31, 2021

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Author: by Billy Bratton


Previously mentioned SAID
Exterminator’s target PEST
One may condense into a liquid GAS
Prefix for “present” OMNI
“At Last” singer James ETTA
Brief spell BOUT
*Process that creates an antineutrino, or what the starred answers’ starts represent? BETADECAY
Distrustful LEERY
Inuit jacket ANORAK
Sonny Rollins’ instrument, informally TENORSAX
One of Muhammad’s 12 successors, some believe IMAM
Branch location? TREE
Online chuckle HEHE
*Risk it all BETTHEFARM
Roth plans, e.g. IRAS
Cookies and cream cookie OREO
Away from the shore ATSEA
Arbuckle of “Garfield” JON
Engage in a quid pro quo, politically LOGROLL
Word of approval, in drag culture YAS
Build on ADDTO
Spanish word within “Southwestern” ESTE
Bolt shut LOCK
*”Act natural” BEYOURSELF
Miniature colonists ANTS
Site selling custom barware ETSY
Went for, as an opportunity LEAPEDAT
Cold treat such as a paleta ICEPOP
WNBA team bigwig OWNER
*CBS sitcom whose name is a blood type BPOSITIVE
Portend BODE
___ out of shape BENT
Certain Snapchatter TEEN
View from an airplane window SKY
Commotions ADOS
Goofs ERRS


Noodles in kamo nanban, often SOBA
“Ain’t that the truth!” AMEN
Passionate about INTO
Journals DIARIES
New parent’s game PEEKABOO
Abbr. for shortening a list ETC
Sports analyst’s number, briefly STAT
Diggs of “Rent” TAYE
Purposely plays less well for GOESEASYON
Indefinable vibe AURA
It runs in the underworld STYX
___ of (lacking) BEREFT
One may block a channel DAM
France’s largest cosmetics company LOREAL
Utmost degree NTH
Combines MERGES
Garment that covers less than a burka HIJAB
Wear away ERODE
Rhyming term meaning “useful” HANDYDANDY
Brusque TERSE
Play the flute TOOTLE
Groan after hearing a pun, say REACT
Face shield alternatives MASKS
“Turn up the volume!” LOUDER
Some are opposed to capitalism LEFTISTS
It covers a bald spot TOUPEE
Baby’s outfit LAYETTE
Central color on a common polyamory pride flag RED
Subj. that may be environmental SCI
High tosses LOBS
C-3PO worshipper in “Return of the Jedi” EWOK
“Waterloo” quartet ABBA
Rolled up? TPED
Place to moor PIER
Done with OVER
Some have felt tips PENS
“Cut Piece” artist Yoko ONO
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