Universal Crossword Answers June 30, 2020

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Author: by Matthew Sewell


Fabric fragment SCRAP
Boss’s “Shake a leg!” ASAP
Anti-smuggling org. DEA
Relinquish, as a requirement WAIVE
See 63-Across PEDI
Swimmers that may be electric EELS
Common cause of snoring APNEA
*Dis (note each starred answer’s first word!) TRASHTALK
___ Norris (Hogwarts cat) MRS
Child’s plea CANI
Sch. hidden in “Eau Claire” UCLA
*Treasure chest coins PIECESOFEIGHT
ICU figures RNS
Richmond-to-Baltimore dir. NNE
Be victorious WIN
When to hear “SOS” in “Mamma Mia!” ACTII
Reduced amount LESS
Surge RISE
*See whether new versions of apps are out CHECKFORUPDATES
Exploit to the fullest MILK
Memo starter INRE
Massage targets ACHES
Palindromic French season ETE
“Lust, Caution” director Lee ANG
Change the color of DYE
*Show anxiety in a waiting room PACEUPANDDOWN
Water down THIN
Minnesota representative Ilhan OMAR
“Dude!” BRO
*Go through the motions PHONEITIN
Rarin’ to go EAGER
Jabba’s species in “Star Wars” movies HUTT
With 14-Across, nail salon combo MANI
Bottomless chasm ABYSS
“Who wants wedding cake?” reply IDO
Not deceived by ONTO
Three-card con MONTE


Overwhelm SWAMP
Italian resort isle CAPRI
Lightly wash RINSE
Broad street, briefly AVE
Anti-war advocate PEACENIK
City address abbr. APTNO
A line, at times? SERIF
Lovelace called the “enchantress of numbers” ADA
Letters before rhos PIS
Attended to DEALTWITH
Civil rights activist Baker ELLA
Pose a question ASK
Really dig into? ETCH
Whopping HUGE
Mule’s father ASS
Neck woe CRICK
Come after ENSUE
Scotland Yard rank: Abbr. INSP
“That makes sense” ISEE
Suffix for “idle” NESS
Voucher CHIT
Long-focus lens type TELEPHOTO
Unit leader? LONGU
Make a boo-boo ERR
Hopped in a sack, say RACED
Above-average comic book condition FINE
Bit of wishful thinking DAYDREAM
Concern for a dermatologist ACNE
Twisted inheritance DNA
“___ gonna happen!” AINT
Datum on a graph POINT
51-Down test, briefly AMNIO
Delivery M.D. OBGYN
Seize forcibly WREST
Like Loki NORSE
Heavy fall sound THUD
___ Beta Kappa PHI
Texter’s qualification IMO
Lifeguard’s shade, perhaps? TAN
Blood system letters ABO
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