LA Times Crossword Answers June 30, 2020

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Below are LA Times June 30, 2020 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.

Author: Steve Mossberg / Ed. Rich Norris


Grating sound RASP
Self-restrained STAID
Partner of ebb FLOW
Twice tetra- OCTA
Black-and-white bamboo lover PANDA
Saxophonist Coltrane named for sitarist Shankar RAVI
Open-air alehouse BEERGARDEN
Emergency op for choppers EVAC
Make euphoric ELATE
Taunting banter between players TRASHTALK
Green eggs lover SAMIAM
Request from ASKOF
Swing and Jazz ERAS
Slap shot disks PUCKS
Reheats in a microwave ZAPS
Topper for a conspiracy theorist TINFOILHAT
“Mr. Blue Sky” rock gp. ELO
Before, quaintly ERE
Faux bronzing technique SPRAYONTAN
Add, as a column of numbers TOTUP
TV screen types LCDS
King’s domain REALM
Cal. home of the Latino Walk of Fame EASTLA
Traditional St. Patrick’s Day slice SODABREAD
Showed again RERAN
Graven image IDOL
Kitchen gadgets, and what the starts 17-, 21-, 35-, 42- and 56-Across are CANOPENERS
Screwdriver, e.g. TOOL
Compound with a fruity aroma ESTER
Give in CAVE
Award for “Fleabag” EMMY
Sweetie pie DEARY
Series-ending abbr. ETAL


Sauna options ROBES
High-speed Northeast train ACELA
Cook, as clams STEAM
Political groups PARTIES
Baden-Baden, e.g. SPA
Fruit dessert with shortcrust TART
“Rise Up” vocalist Day ANDRA
Brainstorming output IDEAS
Local language, in Denmark DANSK
Eruption content LAVA
Track shape OVAL
Fibrous candle feature WICK
Drive or reverse GEAR
Kachina carvers HOPIS
San __: San Francisco Bay city MATEO
__ Féin SINN
Square cereal CHEX
Noted Silicon Valley journalist Swisher KARA
Modern education acronym STEM
Citrus peel ZEST
Nestlé pet food brand ALPO
Fortified wine from the Douro Valley PORT
It may be cracked or roasted NUT
Stable youngster FOAL
Pound part OUNCE
Easygoing, personality-wise TYPEB
Heart, soul, or heart and soul ESSENCE
Truth alternative, in a game DARE
Curving ARCED
Tenant’s contract LEASE
Nandi of the Georgia Aquarium, e.g. MANTA
Grab the check TREAT
Cocoon dweller LARVA
Adams in galleries ANSEL
Googling target SITE
Leslie __ Jr., portrayer of Burr in “Hamilton” ODOM
Unhappy fate DOOM
Not just a thinker DOER
Get nosy PRY
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