Universal Crossword Answers November 19, 2021

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Below are Universal November 19, 2021 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.

Author: by Ann Shan and Matthew Stock


Like the climate where Santa lives POLAR
Wheel edges RIMS
“Thanks, it’s intentional” ITRY
Was bright SHONE
Bit of land in the ocean ISLE
Cheese sometimes baked BRIE
*Light, airy dessert SPONGECAKE
Helps AIDS
“TiK ___” (Kesha hit) TOK
2D measure AREA
Bronx athlete YANKEE
*Chowder accompaniments OYSTERCRACKERS
Boater or beret, e.g. HAT
Sunrise direction, in Spanish ESTE
Colombian cornmeal treats AREPAS
Last word in a card game? UNO
Front’s opposite REAR
Apt pronoun for Gabi Wilson HER
Coastal fare, and what each starred clue’s answer surprisingly isn’t? SEAFOOD
Confidential contract, for short NDA
Reason to say “Eureka!” IDEA
Quid pro ___ QUO
One on parental leave, maybe NEWDAD
Praise LAUD
Collapsible bed COT
*Frozen dessert with chocolate and pecans TURTLEICECREAM
Admirer’s admission IMAFAN
The “E” of EGOT EMMY
Longtime actress Arthur BEA
Prefix for “technology” NANO
*Small, sour fruits CRABAPPLES
Name that’s a small, sour fruit backward EMIL
Slowly settle (into) EASE
You may lie through them TEETH
What fresh eggs do in water SINK
Zoomed SPED
Full of lip SASSY


Subtle attention-getter PSST
“Aw, rats” OHPOO
“Get a load of this!” LOOKYHERE
Journalist Curry ANN
Boat races REGATTAS
Gadget for potatoes RICER
“Minari” director Lee ___ Chung ISAAC
“I Have a Dream” speaker, in brief MLK
“Lookin’ forward to it!” SEEYASOON
Certain financial adviser, informally IBANKER
Three-wheeled vehicle TRIKE
Contract add-on RIDER
Approvals YESES
Before, poetically ERE
Play a role ACT
Maple syrup source SAP
Nevada city on the Truckee River RENO
___ tuna AHI
Cranberry’s color RED
The Fibonacci numbers and the days of the week, e.g. SEQUENCES
E.T.’s craft UFO
They may be next to a couch ENDTABLES
Mathematician Lovelace ADA
“Coolio” RAD
German automaker AUDI
Puzzles out, as a code DECRYPTS
Hybrid music genre with traditional elements ALTFOLK
“___ is me!” WOE
In the manner of ALA
Pointers in the kitchen? TINES
MSG’s flavor UMAMI
Quickly entered RANIN
Insert into a web page EMBED
Honor for Miranda Lambert: Abbr. CMA
Sports events with events MEETS
Covered with cinders ASHY
Genre for Lauryn Hill RAP
Royal pain? PEA
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