Universal Crossword Answers November 21, 2021

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Author: by Paul Coulter


It holds a sail MAST
Author Silverstein SHEL
Did laps in a pool, say SWAM
State that produces the most corn IOWA
Fail at a crucial time CHOKE
One may blow out TIRE
Hinged parts of some tables DROPLEAVES
Where Earth’s highest point is ASIA
“The Waltz King” STRAUSS
Beach headwear SUNHAT
Relative of beige TAN
Damon of “Good Will Hunting” MATT
Expands, as a business BRANCHESOUT
Arachnid in dust, often MITE
Org. that handles a lot of baggage TSA
Shove PUSH
It includes ASDF HOMEROW
Hurriedly INHASTE
Difficult duty ONUS
Circular chart type PIE
“___ boy!” ATTA
Prepare to fill up a car? POPTHETRUNK
Ballpoint, e.g. PEN
Burn balm ALOE
Words between “chicken” and “king” ALA
Midsize Kia renamed for 2021 OPTIMA
Reno’s mountains, informally SIERRAS
Hollow toy in a sandbox PAIL
Group of genres that includes blues and gospel ROOTSMUSIC
Reverse the effect of UNDO
Walk leisurely MOSEY
The Big Easy NOLA
“Leave it,” to an editor STET
Cowboy boot attachment SPUR
Lose control SNAP


Center MIDST
Major blood carrier AORTA
Like much testimony SWORN
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Volcanic mount in California SHASTA
Carpool lane letters HOV
Barely get, with “out” EKE
Doesn’t draw any cards STANDSPAT
Desire WISH
Solo at an opera house ARIA
Butcher’s stock MEAT
Name hidden in “dances around” CESAR
Boards as a group? LUMBER
Country with the tallest building, for short UAE
“AEW Dynamite” channel, aptly TNT
CBS forensic franchise CSI
Boot from power OUST
Grp. that governs a racket sport USTA
Not just “a” THE
Like old recordings MONO
“It’s my turn” IMUP
Person who flies new planes TESTPILOT
Jump on one leg HOP
Symbolic welcoming gesture OPENARMS
Comedian’s skill WIT
NBA great Olajuwon HAKEEM
Victorian or Progressive period ERA
Bottom line? HEM
Northern Irish province ULSTER
Like a rock concert NOISY
Bad lighting? ARSON
Undefeated boxer Ali LAILA
Musical rights org. ASCAP
Major work OPUS
Breathe hard PANT
All alternative TIDE
Is the head of RUNS
“Alley-___!” OOP
Sch. in Columbus OSU
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