Universal Crossword Answers October 15, 2021

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Author: by August Miller


Blanket that isn’t warm? SNOW
Prefix for “loyal” DIS
High hairstyle UPDO
Give the slip ELUDE
Home (in on) ZERO
“Grammar” is a common one NOUN
“___ now or never” ITS
B&B relative INN
Comes to light ARISES
*1986 hit about a woman wearing a colorful dress THELADYINRED
Pass with flying colors ACE
(Not my error) SIC
Dizzying MoMA works OPART
“Butter” nut PECAN
Compete VIE
*Sport that may involve clearing gates HORSEBACKRIDING
Magenta or mauve HUE
Lights’ counterparts, on laundry night DARKS
Green spots in deserts OASES
Basra’s country IRAQ
Poor grade DEE
“Full Frontal” airer TBS
*Where a mechanic often works UNDERTHEHOOD
Seedy tropical fruit PAPAYA
Feminine pronoun SHE
Body scan: Abbr. MRI
Grimm fate? … and a hint to the last words of the starred clues’ answers FAIRYTALEENDING
___-checker FACT
Paradise in Genesis EDEN
Hybrids, e.g. AUTOS
Reproachful sounds TSKS
Kind of milk or sauce SOY
You may like one on Instagram POST


DMV animal in “Zootopia” SLOTH
Vaccine administrator, often NURSE
Auden’s “___ to the Medieval Poets” ODE
Rainy WET
1992 Cy Young Award winner and AL MVP DENNISECKERSLEY
Nest egg letters IRA
Vehicle that soaks up the sun SOLARCAR
Waiting to be picked up? UNTIDY
Things for catching or cooking lobsters POTS
Actor Hill of “The West Wing” DULE
Lowest digits in Sudoku puzzles ONES
Radiate EMIT
Like Monty Python ZANY
Take cover HIDE
Rage IRE
“___ and the Real Girl” (2007 film) LARS
Played a role ACTED
Small cuts from shavers NICKS
Alamo alternative AVIS
Highest digit in Sudoku puzzles, typically NINE
Taproom barrels KEGS
“Fancy seeing you here!” OHHI
Come down in buckets POUR
Acreage, e.g. AREA
“Gay” city in a Cole Porter tune PAREE
Mythical weeper NIOBE
First and last meals together, maybe? BADDATES
Tiny bit, in recipes DASH
Gallon fractions QUARTS
You, in the Bible THEE
Bronx MLB team, on scoreboards NYY
“And ___ what?” THEN
Neglects to mention OMITS
“… but I could be mistaken” ORNOT
Casual living space? DIGS
“As if!” PFFT
Small batteries AAAS
“Take your ___” PICK
Hubbub ADO
Preschooler’s downtime NAP
Tegan and Sara, e.g. DUO
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