Universal Crossword Answers October 21, 2021

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Author: by Brian Thomas and Brooke Husic


USA’s rival in the “Miracle on Ice” USSR
Social connections INS
Train for boxing SPAR
Invite list contents NAMES
Pass word? NAH
Foolishness FOLLY
With 18-Across, someone who makes things emotionally turbulent DRAMA
Laugh syllable HAR
See 16-Across LLAMA
Aromatherapy liquid OIL
Gelato cousin GRANITA
Is able to CAN
With 26-Across, hotshot lawyer LEGAL
See 24-Across EAGLE
Johnson who played Maui in “Moana” DWAYNE
Landlocked Balkan country KOSOVO
Body part with toes FOOT
Heelys and fidget spinners, once FADS
Cloverleaf parts ONRAMPS
Really enjoyed a luau, say ATEALOT
With 42-Across, inauthentic, appropriating person CULTURE
See 41-Across VULTURE
“___ be great if …” ITD
Psychiatrists, e.g. DOCTORS
Psychic ability, for short ESP
Pop-up preventer ADBLOCKER
Some binary digits ONES
Thurman of “Gattaca” UMA
Big Blue PCs IBMS
One living the high life? POTHEAD
Fades away DIESOUT
Pop star who voices Garnet in “Steven Universe” ESTELLE
Renowned Seminole leader OSCEOLA
With 66-Across, banana fudge Ben & Jerry’s flavor CHUNKY
See 65-Across MONKEY


Counterclockwise arrow icon UNDO
Certain wedding dress SARI
“Fancy seeing you here!” SMALLWORLD
Deep sleep letters REM
Take a breath INHALE
Bread served with aloo gobi NAAN
High-pitched yelp SHRIEK
Luna’s counterpart in the sky SOL
It depends on a digit’s position PLACEVALUE
___ mater ALMA
Meg of “You’ve Got Mail” RYAN
Drooping SAGGY
They’re waved at a Pride parade FLAGS
Bled in the wash RAN
___ Te Ching TAO
Really bother EATAT
Lite, on food labels LOFAT
Krispy Kreme freebie for vaccinated people DONUT
Bad smells ODORS
A hyperbola has two FOCI
One of 272 at Batu Caves STEP
Harvey ___ College MUDD
“No ___!” (“Consider it done!”) PROB
Hide away SECLUDE
Guacamole need AVOCADO
Ankara resident TURK
If’s partner in coding ELSE
Holland with a viral “Umbrella” performance TOM
Very pale ASHEN
Out of bed RISEN
Oil cartel acronym OPEC
Little snack NOSH
Caesar’s rebuke ETTU
What’s bound to sell? BOOK
Stubborn animal MULE
Stick around STAY
Deer also known as wapiti ELK
“Potential Breakup Song” singers ___ & AJ ALY
Suffix for a doctrine ISM
Friendly introduction? ECO
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