Universal Crossword Answers October 29, 2021

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Author: by Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen


Pop bubbles? FIZZ
Places to build muscle GYMS
People from Copenhagen DANES
Rice-shaped pasta ORZO
“Not guilty,” e.g. PLEA
Wordless part of a text, perhaps EMOJI
Bit of coffee BEAN
Serena ___ (tennis feat) SLAM
Los Angeles athlete LAKER
Nickname that drops “ediah” JED
Some eco-friendly trains ELECTRICS
So-so MEH
Nonbinary person, for short ENBY
Bothered a lot ATEAT
Antipollution org. EPA
Gen ___ XER
Weed POT
ID on a W-2 SSN
Debt notes IOUS
Like a 270-degree angle OBTUSE
Sister city of Gomorrah SODOM
Automated web scraper BOT
Windshield device WIPER
Not outdoors INSIDE
Lead-in to “colada” PINA
“Without further ___ …” ADO
Feeling down LOW
Reassuring touch PAT
Stark father in “Game of Thrones” NED
Market price VALUE
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Nickname that anagrams to 58-Across DRE
Party person? CELEBRANT
“Color” of anger RED
Shaq’s surname ONEAL
Russian form of John IVAN
Heart, on Facebook LOVE
Slowly sip NURSE
Thumbs-up, on Facebook LIKE
Influence SWAY
___ Park, Colorado ESTES
Killed, as a dragon SLEW
Poker stake ANTE


Key ring item FOB
Fury IRE
*Before: Dance move involving the fingers / After: Enliven Without question ZZAJHANDS
Sector ZONE
Rte. finder GPS
*Before: Treat for a dog / After: Bankrupt Post-workout massage YLLEBRUB
Like some bad apples MEALY
“Likewise” SAME
*Before: Fiji product / After: Held in Dilute DELTTOBWATER
Italian almond cookies AMARETTI
Finnish telecom giant NOKIA
DVD player button EJECT
Knights’ titles SIRS
*Before: Tennis format that isn’t single-sex / After: Confused Commits more DEXIMDOUBLES
Guitar attachment CAPO
Soccer star Lionel MESSI
Printer brand EPSON
Prefix for “natal” NEO
Sponge (up) SOP
Fluctuating, or two words needed to understand the starred clues’ “After” parts UPANDDOWN
Passover feast SEDER
Chip away at ERODE
Drilling agreement OILLEASE
*Before: Beverage drinker’s comic reaction / After: Regurgitate, baby-style Dismantle TIPSTAKE
Pitcher hidden in “brewery” EWER
“I’ll pass” NAH
Earth neighbor VENUS
Vigilant ALERT
Blacksmith’s block ANVIL
Rod’s counterpart CONE
Afflicts AILS
“Frozen II” queen ELSA
Unused NEW
Brewery container VAT
Blinker? EYE
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