Universal Crossword Answers September 16, 2020

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Author: by Lita and Tass Williams


Word repeated before “sis boom bah” RAH
Only a female one can sting WASP
Latin clarification IDEST
“Of course!” ISEE
“Quickly!” ASAP
Any Best Picture winner MOVIE
*Amount with no wiggle room (see letters 1 to 3, 6 to 9) FIRMPRICE
One of the Pointer Sisters ANITA
Cold comfort? EARMUFFS
Deer skull extension ANTLER
Athos, to Aramis AMI
Cold side at a deli SLAW
Palindromic drink POP
*Milk-producing animals from France’s mountains (3 to 6, 8 to 10) ALPINEGOATS
Made tracks SPED
Pre-stereo MONO
Weasleys’ owl ERROL
Edible submarine HERO
Colorful card game UNO
Irritate RILE
Protective suit ARMOR
Takes home NETS
Big name in locks YALE
*Appliance combination that can be stacked (2 to 4, 8 to 10) WASHERDRYER
Retired flier: Abbr. SST
Vow renewal vows IDOS
AFL’s partner CIO
Weekly medical journal, with “The” LANCET
“___: Endgame” (2019 Marvel Studios film) AVENGERS
No longer groggy AWAKE
Tree texture, or a hint to each starred answer’s pair of hidden words WOODGRAIN
Internet connection device MODEM
Start the pot ANTE
Conclusion starter? ERGO
Enjoys toys PLAYS
Kernel, e.g. SEED
Test site LAB


Widespread RIFE
Largest continent ASIA
German word that doesn’t rhyme with “sir” HERR
“Saving Private Ryan” or “Dunkirk” WARFILM
Skeptical response ASIF
Anatomical pouches SACS
N95 masks and such, briefly PPE
“Everything gets done” IMANAGE
“It’s all right!” DONTWORRY
Live the wrong way? EVIL
Web search result SITE
Cloth concern TEAR
Jane Austen heroine Woodhouse EMMA
Mountain lion PUMA
Drink that may be amber ALE
Stuck-up SNOOTY
“Phooey!” PSHAW
Drama with 30-Down OPERA
Wavy ‘dos PERMS
Flour bag measures POUNDS
Word before “circle” or “peace” INNER
Long solo songs ARIAS
Bridge payments TOLLS
Messy weather SLEET
Whatchamacallit DOOHICKEY
Cashes in REDEEMS
Officially withdrew SECEDED
Root problem ROT
The letter “O” resembles one RING
Folklore monster OGRE
Floor or table fixture LAMP
G.I. no-show AWOL
Zilch NADA
Top-notch AONE
November 2020 choice VOTE
Rank above viscount EARL
Capital of Latvia RIGA
Highbrow person SNOB
“Now where ___ I?” WAS
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