USA Today Crossword Answers April 02, 2021

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Author: by Alina Abidi


Chapati flour ATTA
California wine county NAPA
Employs USES
Flinch, e.g. REACT
Computer scientist Turing ALAN
There’s no “i” in it TEAM
Provide money for ENDOW
Karaoke choice SONG
Opposite of 40-Across ANTI
Constance Billard in “Gossip Girl,” for example PRIVATESCHOOL
Squishy scrubber SPONGE
GPS guess ETA
“You will ___ this day!” RUE
Actor Penn KAL
“Pants on fire” person LIAR
Castle protections MOATS
Physical therapist’s freezerful ICEPACKS
Required skill for a lifeguard CPR
Ingredient for success SECRETSAUCE
In favor of PRO
Doesn’t settle up right away RUNSATAB
Easy-to-miss appearance CAMEO
Form a connection BOND
___ Paulo SAO
Ginger ___ ALE
That woman SHE
“Every little thing gon’ be alright, ’cause ___” (Chloe x Halle lyric) ISAYSO
Craigslist listings CLASSIFIEDADS
Search for prey HUNT
The Taj Mahal, for Mumtaz Mahal TOMB
“Yippee!” WAHOO
Frightening-sounding Great Lake ERIE
Bed with blankies CRIB
Gooey campfire treat SMORE
Like the end of the pool with the diving board DEEP
They lay eggs HENS
Went fast SPED


Common linking verb ARE
Number symbolized by X TEN
Future frogs TADPOLES
Squirrel snack ACORN
“Hidden Figures” org. NASA
___ makhani (dish with cheese) PANEER
Feeling of dread ANGST
Zion National Park’s state UTAH
Spanish title SENORA
Dine away from home EATOUT
What )s represent in some emoticons SMILES
Thin branch TWIG
Toddler shoe fastener VELCRO
University grounds CAMPUS
Bit of equipment for Lindsey Vonn SKI
___-Man (arcade game) PAC
Mike and ___ IKE
Prefix for “physics” ASTRO
Seattle bus pass with a finned logo ORCA
Nickname for Jose PEPE
Counterpart of down ACROSS
Unposed CANDID
Lens flare cause SUN
Online business with handmade goods, perhaps ETSYSHOP
Furby batteries AAS
Disapproving shout from the stands BOO
Stored temporarily CACHED
Unkind person MEANIE
Earlier BEFORE
Without a ___ (problem-free) HITCH
Tools for building treehouses SAWS
Gospel singer Yolanda ADAMS
Recipe part STEP
“Sign me up!” IMIN
Counterparts of flows EBBS
Neighbor of Idaho (Abbr.) ORE
U.K. reference work OED
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