USA Today Crossword Answers April 17, 2024

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Author: by Chandi Deitmer


Aegean or Adriatic, e.g. SEA
Fancy party FETE
Resources earned from mountain territories in Catan ORES
This or ___ THAT
One might be saved as a JPEG file IMAGE
Tenant’s payment RENT
Prefix that’s a homophone of “arrow” AERO
Sharp uptick SURGE
___ farewell (said goodbye to) BADE
SportsCenter anchor who was the first play-by-play announcer for the WNBA HANNAHSTORM
Become moldy ROT
Situate ORIENT
Supervisors for kids or cats SITTERS
“___ 1892” (line on A&F shirts) EST
Browser divisions TABS
“Still . . .” EVENSO
Child who looks just like you MINIME
Biblical paradise EDEN
Techie’s means of promoting social change HACKTIVISM
Little blast from a brass instrument TOOT
“What ___ is there?” ELSE
“Notorious” former justice RBG
Soft toy bears TEDDIES
Enclosure likely to have feathers on its floor AVIARY
“Gattaca” actor Thurman UMA
Reasonable compromise HAPPYMEDIUM
“Scout’s honor!” NOLIE
Little insects that sometimes sting ANTS
Neighborhood AREA
What a pedometer tracks STEPS
___-haw (donkey’s sound) HEE
Squiggle on a music score REST
Give lip to SASS
Hospital areas with galleries, for short ORS


Cuts wool from SHEARS
“Show me you deserve this!” EARNIT
Make things right ATONE
Home for pet guppies FISHTANK
Large birds with three toes EMUS
Pucker-inducing TART
Some frozen waffles EGGOS
Sphere ORB
Bump into from behind REAREND
Publicly plug ENDORSE
Big brand in cowboy hats STETSON
Lake known for its nearby skiing TAHOE
Haunting EERIE
Playful caper ANTIC
Network that aired “Cribs” MTV
Overflows TEEMS
Quick snack BITE
“Say cheese!” SMILE
Defeated in chess MATED
Really, really bad EVIL
Steamy meetups HOTDATES
“Well, this really got fouled up . . .” ITSAMESS
Kitchen utensil with holes SIEVE
___ character (common protagonist) TITULAR
“I’ll take another” ONEMORE
Someone who might work you hard on leg day TRAINER
Bethesda-based research org. NIH
School officials DEANS
Places where people might take spin classes GYMS
Catches sight of SPOTS
Northwestern state with a panhandle IDAHO
Emotional request PLEA
Sounds shriller than arfs YIPS
Made use of a sofa SAT
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