USA Today Crossword Answers April 26, 2022

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Author: by Stella Zawistowski


Vegan milk source OAT
Snake with a king variety COBRA
Loops in on an email CCS
Paid player PRO
Chef’s protective garment APRON
Indian yogurt dish RAITA
Balloon filler AIR
1977 Triple Crown Winner SEATTLESLEW
Shangyuan Festival lights LANTERNS
Galaxy competitor IPHONE
Fit ___ fiddle ASA
___-ball (arcade game) SKEE
Passage for milk DUCT
Menudo ingredient TRIPE
Belt with no buckle SASH
Country that borders Mex. USA
Isata Kanneh-Mason’s instrument PIANO
Word before “horse” or “bean” PINTO
Someone you don’t know at all PERFECTSTRANGER
Moon-related LUNAR
She-Ra’s twin brother HEMAN
Model-actress Marcille EVA
Oil grp. OPEC
100-___ dash METER
Mining targets ORES
“___ After” (1998 film) EVER
Actor Goree ELI
Mulligatawny legume LENTIL
Make a model of SIMULATE
Mind-bending puzzle BRAINTEASER
Happiness JOY
BLT or PBJ, informally SAMMY
Company whose mascot quacks AFLAC
Get older AGE
Anago or unagi EEL
Enamel-covered body parts TEETH
Bathroom towel support ROD


Iridescent gemstone OPAL
Diva’s opportunity to shine ARIA
Unable to decide TORN
Social worker’s assignments CASES
Like a diva’s voice OPERATIC
Source of dietary fiber BRAN
Turns rancid ROTS
Hardworking insect ANT
French pancake CREPE
Redeems, like poker chips CASHESIN
Grain storage building SILO
Number of provinces in Canada TEN
Blow away AWE
Akin to LIKE
Pic from a parlor TAT
Weightlifter’s request SPOTME
Lego brand for toddlers DUPLO
Exhaust the supply of USEUP
___ asada CARNE
“Would you ___ fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?” RATHER
Map of Alaska, often INSET
Make mad ANGER
Director McQueen STEVE
Circle dances at some weddings HORAS
The “P” in mpg PER
Give a bad review to PAN
22-Across app that uses the camera FACETIME
Red-in-the-middle steak, e.g. RAREMEAT
Liquefy MELT
Base of some paints OIL
What 45s are made of VINYL
Stagger LURCH
Abbr. on a barbell plate LBS
Stretch of history ERA
First line on a form, often NAME
Umpire’s call SAFE
Speck in the sea ISLE
A tiny bit open AJAR
Like takeout food TOGO
Took a look at EYED
Enjoy some khao soi EAT
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