USA Today Crossword Answers April 28, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Play at top volume BLAST
Startled sound GASP
“Face the Nation” network CBS
Purple, e.g. COLOR
Prefix for “mural” INTRA
Metal-bearing material ORE
Result of a latte spill COFFEESTAIN
Mo. before Apr. MAR
Sinner’s counterpart SAINT
Volcano found backwards in 7-Down ETNA
Suffix meaning “believer” IST
Post-marathon woes ACHES
___ Slide (dance) CHACHA
TV-monitoring org. FCC
“I’m gonna make ___ an offer he can’t refuse” HIM
Pulled-up plants WEEDS
Soothing succulent ALOE
Beef patty and ___ bread COCO
Luggage attachment IDTAG
Ending for “life” or “time” SAVER
Face cream container JAR
Combine MERGE
Production with arias OPERA
Shan shui painting supplies INKS
Grime DIRT
Jesa ceremonies, e.g. RITES
Many a first responder EMT
Faux ___ PAS
Winners’ counterparts LOSERS
Before surgery, for short PREOP
Crumb-carrying insect ANT
Berry often sold as dried powder ACAI
Gather over time AMASS
Board meeting attendee CEO
Linda Martell, for example COUNTRYSTAR
Body part with a canal EAR
Needed to use “Undo Send,” maybe ERRED
Complete reversal UTURN
Devious SLY
Tiny bits TADS
Radio, magazines, etc. MEDIA


Secretly loop in on an email BCC
Bathrooms, to Brits LOOS
___ Romeo (Italian automaker) ALFA
“Love Is the Name” singer Carson SOFIA
Narrow ditch TRENCH
Brazilian jiujitsu uniforms GIS
Poker hand fees ANTES
Numerical factoid STAT
“When Doves Cry” singer PRINCE
A Sunday one might have six panels COMICSTRIP
In-your-face BRASH
Mattress brand SERTA
Disneyland’s city ANAHEIM
Set of moral standards ETHIC
Images in some DMs EMOJIS
Threw into the mix ADDED
Burkina ___ FASO
Sound of thunder CLAP
Magazine’s featured article COVERSTORY
Staff member WORKER
Shudder-inducing EERIE
Coconut cream holder CAN
___ Fort (sister monument of the Taj Mahal) AGRA
Comprehends GETS
Daily grind RATRACE
Eyeliner mishap SMEAR
Accompany ESCORT
Hot and sour soup TOMYUM
They might be double-knotted LACES
Painter Mary Lovelace ___ ONEAL
___ for (deeply desired) PINED
Art class adhesive PASTE
Radiant quality AURA
Wall support STUD
Puja garment SARI
Football scores (Abbr.) TDS
Molecule with one strand RNA
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