USA Today Crossword Answers April 30, 2022

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Author: by Rachel Fabi


Forever AGES
Fish only caught after 6 p.m., in Stardew Valley BREAM
Wander ROAM
The thing over there THAT
Creepy EERIE
Revert UNDO
“It’s a ___ formality” MERE
Dakar’s country SENEGAL
Homeowners’ papers DEEDS
“What am I, chopped ___?” LIVER
Some pop-ups ADS
Clothes from older siblings HANDMEDOWNS
Music holders after cassettes CDS
They may be snoozed ALARMS
Roommate who uses a litter box CAT
Fellow CHAP
“Ziegfeld Follies” performance REVUE
2021 WNBA Championship team SKY
Glisten SHINE
Big test EXAM
Dessert with a lattice PIE
Oreo O’s or Reese’s Puffs, e.g. CEREAL
Spanish for “salt” SAL
“Mind your own business!” BUTTOUTOFIT
2,000 pounds TON
Relieve a teammate SUBIN
Shaggy’s pup, for short SCOOB
Most minuscule TINIEST
Fad ’80s accessories worn around the shins LEGWARMERS
Artist and poet Wade CLEO
Unit of measurement for farmland ACRE
Bother EATAT
Test for a future attorney (Abbr.) LSAT
Unwanted garden plant WEED
College administrators DEANS
Simplicity EASE


Cash dispensers ATMS
Clarified butter GHEE
Bring in EARN
Pannist’s instrument STEELDRUM
Acts properly BEHAVES
Staggered REELED
Noted time period ERA
Assist AID
“Not great” MEH
Mystical letters RUNES
First word of many fairy tales ONCE
Condition that might merit extra time on a 39-Across ADHD
Cows’ sounds MOOS
Likelihood ODDS
“I want it!” GIMME
Saturn I and Falcon 9, e.g. ROCKETS
Picnic pest ANT
Jackrabbits, e.g. HARES
Actress Mansour ALEXA
Like some military ships NAVAL
My ___ or the highway WAY
Chuck Hoskin, for the Cherokee Nation CHIEF
Actress Gurira DANAI
Wheat variety SPELT
Historical account CHRONICLE
Take a load off SIT
“Nothing is ___ stone” SETIN
Bit of wordplay PUN
Artists who make exaggerated geometric figures CUBISTS
Bubble tea BOBA
Defeated in a foot race OUTRAN
Pulled along TOWED
Crunchy cabbage dish SLAW
Gospel singer Winans CECE
Shrek or Fiona OGRE
“The cold never bothered me anyway” singer in “Frozen” ELSA
Salty bodies of water SEAS
Reusable bag TOTE
Taylor Swift album rerecorded in 2021 RED
Astronaut Jemison MAE
Question for a late friend (Abbr.) ETA
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