USA Today Crossword Answers February 15, 2021

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Author: by Paolo Pasco


___ of office OATH
Sepak takraw item BALL
“Vaya con ___!” DIOS
Crossword hint CLUE
“In la-la land,” e.g. IDIOM
Reverberate ECHO
Dines EATS
Productions by single musical artists SOLOALBUMS
Quantity (Abbr.) AMT
“Yes you do!” rebuttal NOIDONT
“The gram” INSTA
Gave a meal to FED
Alabama city where Annie Lee Cooper lived SELMA
State next to Idaho (Abbr.) ORE
React in horror, perhaps SCREAM
Broadway actress Salonga LEA
“Sounds good!” IMIN
Mennonite offshoot AMISH
Ran out of battery DIED
Oodles LOTS
Tiny criticism NIT
Perfect examples IDEALS
Egyptian boy king TUT
Muscle exercised by hammer curls BICEP
American currency (Abbr.) USD
Unearth DIGUP
Optometrist’s exam EYETEST
Lavish, chilly tourist spot ICEHOTEL
Nay’s opposite YEA
Routine with toprocks and freezes BREAKDANCE
Vehicles that might be jumbo JETS
Unable to decide TORN
Their sun god was Inti INCAS
Leave out OMIT
“Twilight” werewolf Clearwater SETH
Itty-bitty TINY


Poet Vuong OCEAN
Avis competitor ALAMO
Rhyming ice cream flavor TUTTIFRUTTI
“___ So Shy” HES
Buffalo relative BISON
Brings into the family ADOPTS
Streamer ___Pichu LILY
Heist haul LOOT
Monetary obligations DEBTS
Hosp. area ICU
Electrical resistance unit OHM
“Send help!” SOS
Fish in Hawaiian dishes MAHIMAHI
Actress Condor LANA
Final musical passage CODA
Views as DEEMS
“Children of Blood and Bone” author TOMIADEYEMI
The Little Mermaid’s name ARIEL
“___ Miserables” LES
Concludes ENDS
Pretzel seasoning SALT
Mass of dust CLOUD
Hands-and-feet salon treatment MANIPEDI
What “i.e.” stands for IDEST
Karaoke machine part MIC
“It’s time to d-d-d-___!” (“Yu-Gi-Oh!” fighting words) DUEL
Dollar BUCK
Scratching post user PETCAT
Humongous GIANT
“Come ON . . .” YEESH
Take hold SETIN
“Mmm!” TASTY
Clever ___ (German horse) HANS
A single time ONCE
“Dynamite” band BTS
One of nine for a typical sudoku grid ROW
Flop ___ (creatively unsuccessful period) ERA
Quickly write JOT
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