USA Today Crossword Answers January 08, 2022

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Author: by Amanda Rafkin


Less Than Jake genre SKA
Ladder part RUNG
Classical pianist Yuja WANG
Pre-Easter period LENT
Olympic blade EPEE
Daytona 500 participant RACER
Actress Taylor-Joy ANYA
Construction made of pillows and blankets FORT
Developer of Space Invaders ATARI
Orchestra area with clarinets and flutes WOODWINDSECTION
Hammer’s target NAIL
The 13 in PG-13 AGE
“I Have a Dream” orator, for short MLK
Palindromic sibling SIS
School fundraising grp. PTA
Inexpensive CHEAP
Has debts OWES
Do some dewrinkling IRON
Unrealistically happy outcome HOLLYWOODENDING
Remove from office OUST
Futbol fan’s cheer OLE
Grp. that might confiscate gel insoles TSA
Ungraceful person OAF
Numerical guess (Abbr.) EST
Enjoy some home cooking EATIN
Paper quantity REAM
Home for Pooh and friends HUNDREDACREWOOD
Currently broadcasting ONAIR
Venus de ___ MILO
“I think you’re ___ something!” ONTO
Like most toothpastes MINTY
Declare AVOW
Name hidden in “little one’ LEON
GPS approximations ETAS
Tennis court dividers NETS
“Of COURSE I’ll marry you!” YES


Shredded cabbage dish SLAW
Lotterylike gambling game KENO
“. . . no more takers?” ANYONEELSE
It’s free for a bottomless dish REFILL
“Once ___ a One More Time” (Britney Spears jukebox musical) UPON
Fruit-flavored Wonka candy NERDS
Becomes unbothered by GETSUSEDTO
Word on a lightbulb box WATTS
Dark purple berry ACAI
Fifth Roman emperor NERO
Toothy smile GRIN
“Look what I did!” TADA
Magazine holders RACKS
“Diary of a ___ Kid” WIMPY
Tony winner Renee ___ Goldsberry ELISE
Sneeze sound ACHOO
Evil spirit GHOUL
Drink mascot who bursts through walls shouting “Oh yeah!” KOOLAIDMAN
“Jeopardy!” winnings, e.g. PRIZEMONEY
Shades TONES
Existential turmoil ANGST
Key on either side of a space bar ALT
Pursue romantically WOO
Tying-the-knot words IDO
Use inefficiently, like time WASTE
Lacking a service charge NOFEE
Dawdle TARRY
Ammo for archers ARROWS
Makes tweaks to EDITS
Far from worldly NAIVE
Missing, for short AWOL
Place to live HOME
Liter or meter UNIT
Nickname for a grandma NANA
Coagulate CLOT
Chiwere speaker, maybe OTOE
Puts on DONS
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