USA Today Crossword Answers January 11, 2021

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Author: by Pao Roy & Matthew Stock


Smush up MASH
Square ___ in a round hole PEG
“Get Ur Freak On” artist Elliott MISSY
___ gobi ALOO
Earth-toned pattern, colloquially CAMO
Nebraska city where Malcolm X was born OMAHA
Sudden shock JOLT
Inch or mile UNIT
“Oh, and also . . .” ONEMORETHING
Sets aside RESERVES
Doofus DWEEB
Oracle SEER
Ivy Park garment BRA
Hat named for a Moroccan city FEZ
Torah holders ARKS
Manicure tool NAILFILE
Small-muscle dexterity FINEMOTORSKILLS
Season premieres, e.g. EPISODES
Musical pause REST
NBA Hall of Famer Unseld WES
The Gwendolyn Brooks poem “Paul Robeson,” for example ODE
Flat or mule SHOE
___ Island RHODE
“Game” of missed calls PHONETAG
In-flight device setting AIRPLANEMODE
Japanese wrestling form SUMO
Oregon Trail wagon pullers OXEN
To-go containers BOXES
Co-___ (astrology app) STAR
Leave at the altar, say JILT
A Tribe Called ___ QUEST
2,000-pound unit TON
Frozen desserts ICES


College specialty MAJOR
Boot bottoms SOLES
Total disasters HOTMESSES
Chef G. Sultan Mohideen made a 72-kilo block of it in 2014 PANEER
Gives off EMITS
Person in black clothing, perhaps GOTH
Dance move formerly known as the “backslide” MOONWALK
Pinterest upload IMAGE
Rode the bench SAT
“Quiet!” SHH
“I love it!” YAS
Bend in the road CURVE
Minecraft block used for crafting ORE
Actor/DJ Elba IDRIS
Submit taxes online EFILE
Word after “jingle” or “sleigh” BELLS
Lemon ___ BAR
Lemon ___ ZEST
Not many AFEW
More harvest-ready RIPER
Deli order similar to an empanada KNISH
Rejections NOS
Flame on the internet FIREEMOJI
Most temperamental MOODIEST
More strange ODDER
Casual top TEE
Txiv neeb, e.g. SHAMAN
Word before “roll” or “system” HONOR
Final word shouted before “Happy New Year!” ONE
Fertile desert areas OASES
Dwarf planet beyond Neptune PLUTO
Like some masculinities TOXIC
Computer scientist Goldberg ADELE
Fellows GENTS
“Hey, over here!” PSST
What some restaurants in K-Town offer BBQ
Gymnast Mary ___ Retton LOU
Tool that might be thrown at a bull’s-eye AXE
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