USA Today Crossword Answers January 14, 2022

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Author: by Amanda Rafkin


Pear variety BOSC
Like venison GAMY
URL opener HTTP
More accurate TRUER
Indiana’s neighbor OHIO
“Wow, it’s you!” OHHI
Browsing the net WEBSURFING
Noticed SEEN
Turquoise-like hue TEAL
“All Too Well” singer, to fans TAYTAY
Undesired stocking stuffer COAL
Color similar to beige TAN
Used some glue PASTED
Diamond weight CARAT
“___ Means Amen” (Sierra DeMulder book) TODAY
“When will you be here?” ETA
Plant-based sweetener STEVIA
“Bargain” receptacle BIN
Very dry ARID
Free-roaming horse of the American West WILDMUSTANG
Grandmother Willow, e.g. TREE
Dubai’s country (Abbr.) UAE
Glossy fabric SATEEN
Roadside assistance grp. AAA
Genetic copy CLONE
Looks for SEEKS
Ready for the challenge UPTOIT
Eggs that can be frozen OVA
Furniture store with a food court IKEA
Sportscaster Andrews ERIN
Opera highlight ARIA
Hitting the jackpot WINNINGBIG
Dryer schmutz LINT
Some savings plans IRAS
Smoothly charming SUAVE
Front balcony section LOGE
Workplace note MEMO
Megan Falley creation POEM


“Just one more thing . . .” in texts BTW
Mined rock ORE
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea vessel, informally SUB
“That’s just how it goes” CESTLAVIE
Lose carbonation GOFLAT
Tuna variety AHI
Common mouthwash flavor MINT
Athleisure made for posing YOGAPANTS
Emcees HOSTS
Person with a Playbill collection THEATERGEEK
ATM code PIN
Lament RUE
Sewer scurrier RAT
“Woohoo!” YAY
Includes on an email thread CCS
Nondairy milk source OAT
“Can you define this relationship, please?” AREWEATHING
“Not good,” in faux Spanish NOBUENO
Pop’s partner DAD
“Shop ___ You Drop” TIL
Prefix for “appear” DIS
Late-night programming block on Cartoon Network ADULTSWIM
Paying to play poker ANTEINGUP
Card game with unspoken rules MAO
Common batteries AAS
Greek T TAU
Three-person hip-hop group RAPTRIO
___ out a win EKE
Cryptanalysis org. NSA
Spy org. CIA
“That being said . . .” EVENSO
Give a speech ORATE
Name hidden in “Costa Rica” ARI
Add to the payroll HIRE
Industry connections INS
Every part ALL
Founder of video art Paik ___ June NAM
Steamed bun BAO
“___ been thinking . . .” IVE
Amethyst, e.g. GEM
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