USA Today Crossword Answers May 05, 2022

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Author: by Matthew Stock


Couples PAIRS
Hot drinks usually aren’t consumed through them STRAWS
“My luck is coming soon!” IMDUE
“Five-fingered” footwear TOESHOES
“Mistake Creek Massacre” painter QUEENIEMCKENZIE
“Party in the ___” (2009 hit) USA
Yellowfin or albacore, e.g. TUNA
Makes decisions on Tinder SWIPES
Long fish EELS
Apt rhyme of “spot” DOT
Autos CARS
Footwear outlet store DSW
Prefix with “potent” OMNI
Title for some profesoras (Abbr.) SRA
Phone downloads APPS
In a manner of speaking SOTOSAY
Central Plains tribe PAWNEENATION
Hockey rink surface ICE
“___ the night before Christmas . . .” TWAS
Delivery person’s course ROUTE
Many a college applicant, age-wise TEEN
“Me day” locale SPA
The ___ (game with virtual people) SIMS
Genre from Jamaica SKA
Cushions PADS
Egyptian boy king, for short TUT
Deflating balloon sound PFFT
Chocolatey spread NUTELLA
Award for Michaela Onyenwere in 2021 ROOKIEOFTHEYEAR
Pop-ups in a web browser ONLINEADS
Put pen to paper WRITE
The “hump” of many workweeks WEDNESDAY
“Battle of the ___” SEXES


Arouse, like curiosity PIQUE
Entertained AMUSED
Standards of perfection IDEALS
Regret RUE
Mailed SENT
Word before “pad” or “pool” STENO
Shakshuka ingredient TOMATO
___ room (place for a pool table) REC
Poses a question ASKS
“That was a close one!” WHEW
Fast-food chain with carhops SONIC
Toll-paying option EZPASS
___ Mist (soda) SIERRA
Birth control option IUD
Former SAT section that sounds like the first two letters of “SAT” ESSAY
Graceful bird SWAN
Denver time zone (Abbr.) MST
Dark film genre NOIR
Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Stroke gently PET
Seats in a chapel PEWS
Button alternative SNAP
Big burden ONUS
Large hole PIT
Whizzes ACES
Row in a calendar app WEEK
“The faster the better!” ASAP
Civil rights law of 1972 TITLEIX
Try to act like EMULATE
Wing eater’s need NAPKIN
Doesn’t blink STARES
Restless ANTSY
“Obviously, silly!” DUH
Chakapuli and gumbo, e.g. STEWS
Parking penalty FINE
Membership costs FEES
Frog’s partner in children’s lit TOAD
Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane ___” EYRE
Use an oar ROW
Number that’s its own square ONE
Not young OLD
Rx regulator FDA
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