USA Today Crossword Answers November 19, 2023

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Author: by Brooke Husic %26 Matthew Stock


Doohickey GIZMO
Lady GAL
Amount of MSG (Abbr.) TSP
Atlantic or Indian OCEAN
Early opportunity to get concert tickets PRESALE
Muppet named for a piece of science glassware BEAKER
Team’s strategy GAMEPLAN
Not busy IDLE
Native Numic speakers UTE
Artist Carrie Mae ___ WEEMS
Disney hero who cuts her hair with a sword MULAN
Young man LAD
Eco-friendly power source GREENENERGY
___ and Fox Nation SAC
Large-scale MACRO
Chafe RUB
Way off in the distance AFAR
Palm tree or rosebush PLANT
Asked earnestly PLED
“Doing my best!” ITRY
Spicy HOT
Dress shape similar to fit and flare ALINE
Trippy drug LSD
Cultural identity for some North Americans MEXICANIDAD
Church bench PEW
“. . . guess that’s a bad idea” ORNOT
Tutu, for one SKIRT
Manhattan-based newspaper (Abbr.) NYT
___ it (improvise) WING
Identity represented by a gold flag with a purple circle INTERSEX
Corkscrew shape SPIRAL
“All bangers, ___ ” (album endorsement) NOSKIPS
Oklahoma people aka the Wazhazhe OSAGE
Pigpen STY
Purring animal CAT
On edge TENSE


Mongolian desert GOBI
Like some summer coffee orders ICED
Verve ZEAL
Have a good time MAKEMERRY
Minimum number of players needed for a game of Everdell ONE
Stat that might be inflated by AP classes, for short GPA
Branch ARM
Wiggle room LEEWAY
Story TALE
Close loudly SLAM
Grading tools PENS
Went fast SPED
Do a queen’s job RULE
Cohort just older than millennials GENERATIONX
Shade similar to khaki TAN
5-Down, in Spanish UNO
Pride letters LGBT
Google service with an inbox GMAIL
Simple boats RAFTS
Paperless “get well” message, e.g. ECARD
Train for a marathon RUN
___, liquid, gas SOLID
Large concert venue ARENA
Relinquished CEDED
App used to manage shared expenses SPLITWISE
“That was close!” PHEW
Fishy bagel topping LOX
“Gonna be ___ from me” ANO
Like grams, meters and liters METRIC
React to a book’s ending, perhaps CRY
Industrious insects ANTS
Program for daycare graduates, for short PREK
Moral wrongs SINS
Shoelace securer KNOT
Teeny ITSY
Country that anagrams to a weather forecast IRAN
Pesters NAGS
Jubilation GLEE
Aromatherapy place SPA
Winter time zone in CT EST
Weed POT
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