USA Today Crossword Answers November 23, 2021

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Author: by Malaika Handa


“Like . . . NOW!” ASAP
Sax or flute type ALTO
Steals from ROBS
Actress Bonet LISA
Observance before Easter LENT
Like the numbers 2, 4 and 6 EVEN
Most fashionable woman at an event BELLEOFTHEBALL
One of the four natural elements AIR
Word after “data” or “chess” SET
Reason for a food recall ECOLI
Agitated state that may lead to protests UNREST
___ for (cheered on) ROOTED
Gloved soccer player GOALIE
Abbr. on a box of cat litter LBS
Early DVR brand TIVO
Nicks of Fleetwood Mac STEVIE
Volleyball court divider NET
Thai curry side dish JASMINERICE
Dec. 31 NYE
Williams who won the Australian Open while pregnant SERENA
Substandard POOR
Janis ___ (“Mean Girls” character) IAN
Some bodega cats STRAYS
Coins in India RUPEES
Detroit and Buffalo, e.g. CITIES
Speed detector RADAR
Gunk on an aquarium SCUM
End of some superhero names MAN
Adjective on a Renaissance faire sign OLDE
Opposite of difficulty EASE
Camping shelter TENT
Shift and tab KEYS
Mechanical pencil refill LEAD
Avant-garde EDGY


Like some white rats ALBINO
___ Mist (citrus soda) SIERRA
Language with a manual alphabet ASL
Friend PAL
Lip balm ingredient ALOE
Exited LEFT
Explosive material TNT
“Do unto ___ . . .” OTHERS
2021’s “Gossip Girl,” e.g. REBOOT
Chocolate milk brand OVALTINE
Have faith BELIEVE
Sketch show with celebrity hosts SNL
Respect ESTEEM
Prefix for “friendly” or “warrior” ECO
Mo. after July AUG
“Frozen” queen ELSA
Takes a seat SITS
Part of an exclamation point DOT
Tablecloth fabric LINEN
Michelada ingredient BEER
Stamped travel document VISA
Game show with “Think” music JEOPARDY
“In ___ Detail” (Cora Harrington book about lingerie) INTIMATE
Steerable groceries holder CART
“Code Switch” network NPR
“Great job!” YOURULE
Overhauls REDOES
Tel Aviv’s country ISRAEL
___ for (trying for) AIMING
Like some bread and beer YEASTY
Tax form ID SSN
Place for a helix piercing EAR
“Slammin’ Sammy” SOSA
Geek ___ (what wearing a “Star Trek” shirt might earn you) CRED
Totally fine AOK
Recipient of heart emojis, maybe BAE
Was in charge of LED
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