USA Today Crossword Answers September 10, 2020

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Author: by Evan Kalish


Ignited LIT
Bluish-green shade TEAL
Broadcast resolution option HDTV
Very eager AGOG
Class that doesn’t require a lot of studying EASYA
Locality AREA
Production with hand-worn “performers” PUPPETSHOW
Dryer fuzz LINT
Entertainment that’s an anagram of “bearcat” CABARET
Got perfectly right NAILED
Mukhwas spice ANISE
Measurement standard UNIT
Ruby who played Ruth Younger in “A Raisin in the Sun” DEE
Smidgen TAD
Place to buy floor coverings CARPETSTORE
Set of moral values ETHIC
“___ rue the day . . .” YOULL
YolanDa Brown’s instrument SAX
Improvise dialogue ADLIB
Pig’s dwelling STY
Geographic reference book ATLAS
Foreboding signs OMENS
Louis Armstrong highlight TRUMPETSOLO
Instant messaging pioneer AOL
On the ___ (running away) LAM
“Video” singer India.___ ARIE
Oprah’s production company HARPO
Meal that might include turnip cake DIMSUM
Like many Tiffany Alfonseca works PAINTED
Southern chef Lewis EDNA
Looking after a vacationer’s fish, say PETSITTING
Excessive amount GLUT
___ lightly TREAD
“Gotcha” ISEE
Valuable stones GEMS
Smart-alecky responses SASS
Six-point plays (Abbr.) TDS


Company-loving tabby LAPCAT
Lizard with a Taino-derived name IGUANA
Auction-winning offer TOPBID
French for “head” TETE
Rightward, on a map EAST
Fire residue ASH
“Russian Doll” star Natasha LYONNE
Corridor HALL
Like used-up magic markers DRIEDOUT
With gentle care TENDERLY
Large tub VAT
College application stats GPAS
Anticipate AWAIT
Standing straight up ERECT
___-bitsy ITSY
Words before “and personal” UPCLOSE
River wriggler EEL
“Eureka!” AHA
Disencumber RID
Discard TOSS
Semester-end challenge EXAM
Sit astride STRADDLE
Metal in kitchen foil ALUMINUM
“As I see it,” for short IMO
“The Fresh Prince of ___-Air” BEL
Georgia’s capital, on scoreboards ATL
Places that do peels SPAS
___ game (softball feat) NOHIT
Spew like a volcano ERUPT
Microwave displays TIMERS
Started serving customers OPENED
Beavers’ dwellings LODGES
Not in favor of ANTI
Yoga surfaces MATS
Parts of some CDC campaigns PSAS
Provides assistance AIDS
Omelet ingredient EGG
Steeped beverage TEA
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