USA Today Crossword Answers September 11, 2020

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Author: by Brooke Husic


Activist Copeny MARI
Un poquito ___ (a bit more) MAS
Finance pros CPAS
Like Batman and Stupendous Man, costume-wise CAPED
Feeling unwell ILL
___ mind (unified consciousness) HIVE
Not urban RURAL
Poshmark transaction SALE
Bubble tea jelly option ALOE
Most wicked EVILEST
Canary and lemon, for two YELLOWS
Place to buy 8-Down DELI
Computer key for indenting TAB
Bombards PELTS
Prolonged attack SIEGE
“Sister, Sister” star Mowry TIA
Path-illuminating fixture STREETLIGHT
D.C.’s country USA
Pointy-eared creature ELF
Utterance of disgust UGH
Sing wordlessly HUM
Lima’s country PERU
Impulsive RASH
List of choices MENU
Signal “I’m interested” on a dating app SWIPERIGHT
Jazz legend Dolphy ERIC
Spanish for “friend” AMIGO
Sylvia who wrote “The Bell Jar” PLATH
Next best poker hand after a pair ACEHIGH
Ice cream ball SCOOP
Bedding item DUVET
“How lovely!” THATSNICE
Fields of expertise AREAS
Monster that’s a Latin conjunction backward OGRE
Opposite of norte SUR
___ fences (make things right) MEND
Friends PALS
Loose-leaf ___ TEA


Purple shade MAUVE
National Autism Awareness Month APRIL
Down-to-earth person REALIST
Not doing anything IDLE
“Mamma ___!” MIA
Non-enemy ALLY
“Sweet dreams” alternative SLEEPTIGHT
Bread sometimes made with anise CHALLAH
Trial episode of a TV show PILOT
Proclaims AVOWS
Really gets SEES
Believability, for short CRED
Pre-show jitters STAGEFRIGHT
___ wool STEEL
Singer Nash LEIGH
Teyana Taylor won Video Director of the Year at its 2020 award show BET
Rage IRE
Lehenga alternative SARI
Vegetation adjective LUSH
Dr. Rhonda’s profession on “Insecure” THERAPIST
FedEx competitor UPS
Stitch SEW
Decibel, e.g. UNIT
A lot MUCH
In front of us UPAHEAD
Before now AGO
Fruit salad ingredient MELON
Gives off EMITS
Big ___ (large truck) RIG
Does some modeling POSES
___ Red Eagle (“The Miseducation of Cameron Post” character) ADAM
Antidote CURE
Like all bra band sizes EVEN
Story of epic proportions SAGA
SZA album whose name is a computer key CTRL
Lead-in for “scotch” HOP
Actor’s prompt CUE
The “E” in BCE ERA
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