Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers July 30, 2020

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Author: David Alfred Bywaters


Puts a limit on CAPS
Eight-movie co-star of Daniel and Rupert EMMA
Can opener? BAIL
Guttural dissent UHUH
U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships location VAIL
It can be seen in “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” SEINE
Performance in a Bollywood film? RANIDANCE
Leaves PARTS
Huddles on a San Francisco football field? NINERCIRCLES
Fender attachment AMP
About ASTO
Hawaiian woman WAHINE
Some moon rocks BASALT
Affectedly innocent COY
POTUS for over a decade FDR
Awesome and then some EPIC
Pasta whose name means “barley” ORZO
Barley alternative OATS
A visit to the nail salon? MANIEVENT
Teacher’s coll. offering MSED
Itty-bitty complaint PEEP
Adjective target NOUN
Subway scuttler RAT
Break ground, in a way HOE
1965 hit for the Dixie Cups IKOIKO
Wore away ERODED
Do preceders LATI
Showed the way LED
Recesses in a Bauhaus-inspired cathedral? SQUARENICHES
Bizarre OUTRE
Backwards, and a hint to four of this puzzle’s answers INREVERSE
Projectionist’s stack REELS
Root for the cook BEET
Trillion, in metric prefixes TERA
Indication of freshness SASS
Letter closer of old SEAL


Unruly dog CUR
“So that’s it!” AHA
Full-groan wordplay PUN
What a knight’s greave protects SHIN
Northwestern University locale EVANSTON
“The Railway” painter MANET
Extra small MICRO
“Tess of the d’Urbervilles” libertine ALEC
Site of some ephemeral castles BEACH
Emergency evacuation AIRLIFT
Secondary LESSER
Like some tans SPRAYON
Retro phone feature DIAL
___ Jima IWO
Fiver ABE
One might cover a city MAP
Letter resembling a trident PSI
Tiptop ACME
Pirate’s refuge COVE
Auspicious RIPE
Last letter ZEE
88 for Ra, e.g. ATNO
Names used by name-callers EPITHETS
Star sign MARQUEE
More substantial STOUTER
Stir-fry need OIL
Guitar’s little brother UKE
Acknowledgment, of a sort NOD
Vacation spot RESORT
Praiseful piece ODE
Capital on the Dnieper KIEV
Alfalfa’s beloved DARLA
First blank on a form LINEA
Parkland measure ACRES
Pen points NIBS
Puts dishes on SETS
Liquor in a Sneaky Pete RYE
Luxury hotel amenity SPA
Twisty swimmer EEL
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