LA Times Crossword Answers June 09, 2021

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Below are LA Times June 09, 2021 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.

Author: Julian Lim / Ed. Rich Norris


Twistable container part CAP
Stark daughter on “Game of Thrones” ARYA
“__ tardes” BUENAS
Kwik-E-Mart owner APU
Spell the end of DOOM
“Bewitched” witch ENDORA
*”Rockin’ the Suburbs” alt-rocker BENFOLDS
Periods of duty STINTS
38th-parallel land KOREA
Covered, as with sugar COATED
Novel makeup PROSE
*”Anything wrong?” WHATGIVES
Responsibility ONUS
Aviation pioneer Sikorsky IGOR
Bottle part NECK
Like many MLB players LATINO
Sun and Sky org. WNBA
Cowboy Rogers ROY
*Not much interest LOWYIELDS
Do sum work ADD
Southwest art hub TAOS
Low-tech travel guide AAAMAP
The “F” in UHF: Abbr. FREQ
“Not happenin'” UHUH
YouTube vote LIKE
*Ursine dens BEARCAVES
Really cold POLAR
Riverdale High redhead ARCHIE
Tablet download EBOOK
“All set here” IMGOOD
Concede … or a hint to the last words of the answers to starred clues CRYUNCLE
Epicure FOODIE
Actor Brad PITT
62-Down homonym AIR
Astronomer Celsius ANDERS
Lemon drinks ADES
“Fresh Air” network NPR


Semi driver’s spot CAB
Impersonate APE
Quit like a wimp PUNKOUT
Love to bits ADORE
One played on stage ROLE
“‘Sup, bro?” YODAWG
Alarm-setting hrs. AMS
Make smitten BESOT
De-identify, as an Insta photo UNTAG
Add, as to text EDITIN
“Ain’t gonna happen” NONEVER
Like many Miami Beach structures ARTDECO
Airline to Sweden SAS
Kind of fuel FOSSIL
__ asada CARNE
Campaign pro POL
Genetic letters RNA
“My guy doing okay, doc?” HOWISHE
What’s up to you? SKY
Illinois neighbor IOWA
“That’s __ fair!” NOT
Lackluster BLAH
Crest box abbr. ADA
“__ been served” YOUVE
Spot for a Wild West brawl SALOON
Langley, e.g.: Abbr. AFB
“Like that’ll ever happen” DREAMON
Response to awful news DEARGOD
Dairy container MILKCAN
Letters before a pen name AKA
Each PER
Scanned black-and-white image QRCODE
Online handle USERID
Group with scores CHOIR
Senate staffers AIDES
Data storage unit BYTE
“__ tree falls … “ IFA
Tax pro CPA
Sassy reaction LIP
Misspell a word, say ERR
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