New York Times Crossword Answers April 02, 2024

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Author: Billy Bratton
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Vessel for whitewater rapids RAFT
Let the cat out of the bag BLAB
Melting Face or Heart Hands EMOJI
"___ Enchanted" (2004 comedy) ELLA
Headwear for 14-Across TIARA
Debriefed? NAKED
Black Friday offer, e.g. DOORBUSTER
Shirley Temple, for one DRINK
"That would stink!" IHOPENOT
United ONE
Stay-at-home ___ DAD
Something extended to a borrower LINEOFCREDIT
"Jesus, ___" (Wilco song) ETC
Highway no-nos, for short UIES
One might be Horatian ODE
Choices in a sleepover game DARES
Fam, formally KIN
Plus these other authors: Abbr. ETAL
"Stop right there!" … or a hint to the first words of 17-, 23-, 47- and 59-Across HOLDIT
Profile features on dating apps BIOS
"Atlantic" or "Pacific" fish COD
Legislative proposal MOTION
Ominous words on a flunked test SEEME
Boxer who defeated Superman in a 1978 DC Comics issue ALI
Baby ___ (candy bar) RUTH
Woolly mammal EWE
Gymnastics sequence involving tumbling FLOORROUTINE
Beyond chill ICY
Offshoot of punk EMO
In which you might talk through your problems? ORALEXAM
"God Only Knows," vis-à-vis "Wouldn't It Be Nice" SIDEB
Expansive medical center headquartered in Rochester, Minn. MAYOCLINIC
Pal, in Peru AMIGO
___ horizon (black hole boundary) EVENT
"Peter Pan" dog NANA
Alluded to GOTAT
Noblewoman's title LADY
Checks out EYES


Made over REDID
Hawaii "bye" ALOHA
Barrage FLOOD
Field protector TARP
Mammal whose scientific name is just its name repeated BISON
Beverage with a seasonal pumpkin spice variety LATTE
"___ you for real?" ARE
Unit of phone service BAR
Throw one's support behind, as a candidate ENDORSE
French river where two W.W. I battles took place MARNE
Goofy assent that precedes "artichokie" OKIEDOKIE
Former White House press secretary Psaki JEN
"Beats me," in brief IDK
Old habit? TUNIC
Passionately sings (out) BELTS
One-up OUTDO
Mesh with one's peers FITIN
British Isles inhabitant during the Iron Age CELT
Expression IDIOM
Like stiff muscles TENSE
Fish that can give a shock EEL
Like tea that's OK to have before bed DECAF
Lagoon-forming landform ATOLL
CeeLo Green's "Forget You," notably RADIOEDIT
Words to live by MOTTO
Yale for whom Yale University is named ELIHU
The "12" of 12:34 HOUR
Drone, e.g. BEE
TV drama about anarchist hackers MRROBOT
Peachy keen SWELL
Pass into law ENACT
End of the Greek alphabet OMEGA
Messed (with) TOYED
"Dramatic" literary device IRONY
Pig Latin turndown IXNAY
Oscar-winning actor Michael CAINE
Facilities where racquetball and basketball were first played, for short YMCAS
A, in German EINE
Partner of AFTRA SAG
"I think …," online IMO
Director Brooks MEL
Director DuVernay AVA
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