New York Times Crossword Answers August 04, 2022

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Author: Ella Dershowitz
Editor: Will Shortz


Cubans are full of it HAM
Order in New Orleans POBOY
Sexology subject GSPOT
Dish seen around the world? UFO
Go all in, in poker lingo SHOVE
Sam who directed 2022's "Doctor Strange" sequel RAIMI
World's oldest golf tournament, familiarly BRITISHOPEN
Animal in the same family as the wolverine OTTER
Vexed SORE
Airer of "Tiny Desk" concerts NPR
___ Johnson a.k.a. The Rock DWAYNE
One of the Obamas SASHA
"Great ___!" SCOTT
"Yeah, right!," e.g. LIP
Collar feature, perhaps IDTAG
"Fingers crossed" HERESHOPING
Sound at the doctor's office AAH
Today, in Toledo HOY
Abbr. meaning "in particular" ESP
One of "them" FOE
After-dinner drink made with crème de menthe GRASSHOPPER
Letter-shaped piece of piping UBEND
Trying to be quiet, in a way ONTIPTOE
Whiz PRO
Von Trapp girl who sang about being 16 LIESL
Baby carrier STORK
Tobiko or ikura, at a Japanese restaurant ROE
Part of Florida KEYS
Shinto gate TORII
Temporary spot to do business … or a hint to answering 17-, 35- and 41-Across POPUPSHOP
"Sorry, ask someone else" ICANT
Rest area on a hike GLADE
Put the food away ATE
Set of flippers? TONGS
Dispense ALLOT
Finishing touch, so to speak BOW


Centers HUBS
Styles for Questlove and Jon Batiste AFROS
Mother on "Schitt's Creek" MOIRA
Inflation spec PSI
"You just got burned!" OHSNAP
He independently discovered the same comet as Hale BOPP
Superintend OVERSEE
Craving YEN
Something a teen usually experiences GROWTHSPURT
Straddled SATATOP
Feel for PITY
Something interpreted from a bird's behavior, in the ancient Greek practice of ornithomancy OMEN
Word before iron or chain TIRE
Model Y maker TESLA
Dimwits DOPES
Shaman, at times CURER
Teeming RIFE
Privy to INON
Dry-___ beef AGED
Roderigo's killer, in Shakespeare IAGO
"Nuts!" DARN
"What's ___?" THAT
What-if propositions, informally HYPOS
Keeping isolated SILOING
Sushi order with a salty-sweet sauce EELROLL
Has reservations about? BOOKS
Imitation PSEUDO
___ center REHAB
Home of Nijo Castle, built by the Tokugawa shogunate KYOTO
Bickering ATIT
Pixar film set in the Land of the Dead COCO
Beginning of some blended juice flavors CRAN
Stone with silica OPAL
Blow out SPEW
Tour group, for short PGA
Kind of project PET
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