New York Times Crossword Answers January 07, 2022

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Author: Robyn Weintraub
Editor: Will Shortz


Something you may want to clear up ACNE
Othello, for one GAME
Loses sheen, perhaps RUSTS
One of the Aesir THOR
Uncovered OPEN
ID seen at the post office IDAHO
Nobel winner Morrison TONI
Dressing room encouragement THATSSOYOU
"Stop trying to help!" ICANDOIT
A counting job? CENSUS
Own up (to) COP
Purpose END
Eva PerĂ³n was one: Abbr. SRA
You can bet on it! HORSE
Simple matter of probability COINFLIP
Numbers not meant to be shared SOLOS
Speedy sci-fi technology WARPDRIVE
Secretly unionize? ELOPE
Drop the ball ERR
With 11-Down, kids' party activity SIMON
"Peter Pan" princess TIGERLILY
Lashes makeup HAIRS
Look that might freeze you in your tracks ICYSTARE
Martini option DIRTY
Subj. of international treaties WMD
Bon ___ (high society: Fr.) TON
Friendly introduction? ECO
Cause of weakness ANEMIA
What Babe aspires to be in "Babe" SHEEPDOG
Romantic bunch DOZENROSES
___ Mountains, range crossed on the Trans-Siberian railway URAL
What "he" and "do" don't do AGREE
Biblical preposition UNTO
Terpsichore or Calliope MUSE
Strategic bodies of water MOATS
"Out of Africa" author Dinesen ISAK
Little drones ANTS


Story that goes over your head? ATTIC
One constantly craving kisses? CHOCOHOLIC
"It was not my intention to make anyone upset," often NONAPOLOGY
CNN's Burnett ERIN
Scavenger hunt cry GOTONE
Little sucker APHID
Substance MEAT
Towering figure in "The Two Towers" ENT
"Wake up, sleepyhead!" RISEANDSHINE
Kake ___ (Japanese dish) UDON
See 37-Across SAYS
Biblical pronoun THOU
___ vide (culinary technique) SOUS
Substitute for legal tender SCRIP
Pathetic SORRY
Metaphorical knowledge ROPES
Eric who wrote "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" CARLE
Accomplice in "Romeo and Juliet" FRIAR
Broadway show where everyone knows the ending? LIMITEDRUN
Country named for a now-banned trade IVORYCOAST
They can be felt PENS
Org. for Carl Sagan SETI
"That's odd …" WEIRD
Rapper/producer who won the 2018 Pulitzer for Music LAMAR
Gets by DOESOK
Letter in the Greek spelling of Athens THETA
Looks like a jerk OGLES
Driver in "House of Gucci" ADAM
Canceled NOGO
Book after II Chronicles EZRA
Runners' event MEET
Figs. assigned randomly since 2011 SSNS
Animal also known as a catamount PUMA
Air France confirmation OUI
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