New York Times Crossword Answers November 18, 2021

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Author: Ori Brian
Editor: Will Shortz


Vaccination site ARM
Tap alternative? PSST
Take the wrong way? FILCH
___-tzu LAO
Ancient region of Asia Minor IONIA
Where the Nez Percé Reservation is found IDAHO
→ Di ← Gaga Godiva FIRSTLADY
Inventor of dynamite NOBEL
Approved, with "to" SAIDOK
Bit of baloney LIE
Like the soles of Louboutin shoes RED
Bird's-eye view? BILL
R.p.m. → m.p.h. ← k.p.s. SECONDRATE
Singer Baker ANITA
Pair at sea OARS
Its name comes from the Greek for "uncuttable" ATOM
Total jerk ASS
French word at a coffeehouse LAIT
One crying foul, say UMP
Art → Calculus ← Spanish MIDDLECLASS
Long-snouted fish GAR
Bread eaten with curry ROTI
Marcille who won "America's Next Top Model" EVA
Dieci meno due OTTO
Heaven on earth EDEN
How you might recall a childhood memory DIMLY
Housewarming masquerade → tailgate ← THIRDPARTY
Influential icon LION
TV coach Lasso TED
In which four raised fingers and a curved thumb is "B," in brief ASL
Letting up EASING
Fossilized tree resin AMBER
Ha-ha chortle → tee-hee ← LASTLAUGH
Not claim, say WAIVE
Do some tailoring to ALTER
Woman's name that sounds like a letter DEE
Paid (up) ANTED
Mouth off to SASS
Slip ERR


Title character of an '80s sitcom ALF
What toes can resemble after a long bath RAISINS
Excessive righteousness MORALISM
Some business casual shirts POLOS
Fraudulent medical treatment SNAKEOIL
"Ice Age" sloth SID
Swift to climb the Billboard chart? TAYLOR
Docked, in a way FINED
Vow-sealing words IDO
Common experiment subject LABRAT
Cause of some orange fingers CHEETO
Poker variant HOLDEM
"___ be a shame …" ITD
Alluvium SILT
Put down INSULT
Silence of the lambs? Just the opposite! BAA
Wedding vendor CATERER
Speaks on the record? RAPS
Captain Pierce portrayer on old TV ALDA
Sellers of airtime, informally ADREPS
___ of honor MAID
Dr. Frankenstein's aide IGOR
Dance-offs, e.g. CONTESTS
Shirtless, say SEMINUDE
Many a YouTube star VLOGGER
Writer Rand AYN
Chief tributary of the St. Lawrence River OTTAWA
Oppressive authority, informally THEMAN
Tasty morsel TIDBIT
City with the longtime slogan "Big things happen here" DALLAS
Pelvic bones ILIA
Had the courage DARED
Richard who wrote "Revolutionary Road" YATES
mm camera type SLR
Inhabitant of 48-Across EVE
Similar to ALA
What's-___-name HER
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