The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 15, 2018

Welcome! You will find here all The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers Date July 15, 2018 by Bruce Haight & David Steinberg.

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Test, as a watermelon
You might react to them on social media, informally
Islamic law
“Oh no? Just watch me!”
Detached state? (see 49-Across)
Laura of “ER”
Comic ___ (popular font)
High hairstyle
Tuts’ kin
Brought about
___ McFlurry (caramel-y McDonald’s drink)
Roast beef au ___
Texter’s alternative to XD
“It Started in Naples” co-star Sophia
Kind of bread or flour
’90s boxing champ Riddick
Violent melodrama (see 49-Across)
Filming move
Like the Gobi
Director DuVernay
Dance shoe sound
Small warbler
Privy to
How trolls make you feel
Movie knight
Hydrogen or oxygen
Idee ___
Physician who wrote about four humors
Zip, and a hint to visual elements in this puzzle grid
Far from inspired
X might represent it
Comparatively geeky
By virtue of
Place to go down in flames?
“Exodus” author
Opposite of max.
Lord Voldemort, e.g.
Emails discreetly
’90s sitcom about kids who grow up without their parents
Take baby steps?
Inducing pleasure
Mob action
Waved or whistled, say
A student might take one out
Occasion for cake, briefly
Stack part, in poker
One should try to keep it in negotiations
Economic imbalance
Lester Holt show
NC-17, for one
___ Alley, place where Harry Potter shops for wizarding gear
Speak without emotion
Piece of picnic gear
Meet someone?
God who gave his name to the first month
Sporty ’60s-’70s cars
Many-colored pond fish
Plan with MDs
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