Universal Crossword Answers November 25, 2021

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Author: by Agnes Davidson and Zhouqin Burnikel


Fragrant bloomer that’s often purple LILAC
No longer ajar SHUT
Acapulco abode CASA
“Fear of Flying” novelist Jong ERICA
Tuesday dinner item, perhaps TACO
Like fine wine or cheese AGED
Become narrower TAPER
Societal woes ILLS
Combat site doctors MEDICS
Texas home of “America’s Team” DALLAS
Housing complex unit CONDO
“Same here” DITTO
Org. for Ashleigh Barty and Naomi Osaka WTA
“___ appetit!” BON
Sense of self EGO
Govt. broadcast regulator FCC
It’s inside a tire AIR
*Place to find a legend BOOKOFMYTHS
Not even close FAR
Shoot the breeze TALK
Attach, as a ribbon TIEON
Like many trees in winter BARE
Girl Scout group TROOP
“Holy smokes!” MAN
Viral videos, e.g. MEMES
Fill with turkey, stuffing, etc. SATIATE
Grinning symbols SMILEYS
Letter before omega PSI
Silent speech syst. ASL
Fava or lima morsel BEAN
Pulsate THROB
Remove unceremoniously OUST
Like the Sahara’s climate ARID
Its airport code is ORD OHARE
Docking site PIER
Pied Piper’s targets RATS
They’re saved for a windy day KITES
Stick around STAY


Phishing scheme, e.g. SCAM
Sheet in a calendar PAGE
*Place to find a Legend USEDCARLOT
AM/FM device RADIO
“I’m game!” LETSDOIT
Golden yrs. income source, for many IRA
Place to apply Blistex LIP
Blackjack card ACE
Sweater that opens down the front CARDIGAN
Elevation device in a flood-prone area STILT
*Place to find a legend HALLOFFAME
Sch. with a “Mighty Bruins” fight song UCLA
Throw gently TOSS
“Squawk on the Street” network CNBC
Perched on ATOP
Arriving as scheduled ONTIME
“Angels & ___” (Dan Brown novel) DEMONS
Electrical power units WATTS
Pageant winner’s crown TIARA
“Hero” singer Mariah CAREY
Pungent salad green CRESS
Affirmative in the House YEA
Backyard fish habitats KOIPONDS
Hotel baggage helpers BELLHOPS
El ___, Texas PASO
Niagara Falls spray MIST
Popular video-sharing app TIKTOK
Indefinite answers MAYBES
Worms and flies, e.g. BAIT
“Fancy seeing you here!” OHHI
Greek house, for short FRAT
Additional amount MORE
Diamonds or clubs SUIT
___ exam (aspiring attorney’s hurdle) BAR
Historical period ERA
Squid’s place SEA
Give it a whirl TRY
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