USA Today Crossword Answers November 25, 2021

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Author: by Brooke Husic


“I swear to ___!” GOD
Korean ancestor ritual JESA
Fail to win LOSE
Mining outputs ORES
Line on a graph AXIS
Seeing an owl, for example OMEN
1969-1971 Red Power occupation site now home to the annual Indigenous Peoples Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering ALCATRAZISLAND
“Living Lively” author/chef Thomas HAILE
Breakfast, lunch or dinner MEAL
Keeps annoying NAGS
Generate positive feelings ENDEAR
Lil ___ X NAS
Dance with metallic shoes TAP
Fruity drink suffix ADE
Used a bicycle RODE
Transform into BECOME
Numero after uno DOS
Animal on the Pawnee Nation flag WOLF
Goofed ERRED
Clump of lint, cutely DUSTBUNNY
Online inbox item EMAIL
Not all and not none SOME
Silent greeting NOD
Widen like pupils DILATE
Too diluted WEAK
Spanish for “gold” ORO
First aid pro EMT
Alias letters AKA
F-sharp is one NOTE
“In the Courts of the Conqueror” author Walter R. ___-Hawk ECHO
Mario’s brother LUIGI
Autonomous vehicle SELFDRIVINGCAR
Rod between wheels AXLE
Follower of “bleary-” or “starry-“ EYED
Transmitted SENT
Three sisters ___ STEW
___-serif font SANS
Vegan milk choice SOY


“By all means!” GOAHEAD
Central Florida city ORLANDO
Makes a choice DECIDES
Piece of Sikyatki Revival pottery JAR
Academic test EXAM
Band ___ (bra measurement) SIZE
Like Sherpa people ASIAN
“haha” LOL
Yemen’s eastern neighbor OMAN
Robert Latham Owen’s title from 1907 to 1925 SENATOR
Last stage of a chess match ENDGAME
Shopping special SALE
Wear and ___ TEAR
Big slice SLAB
Went really fast SPED
Uses oars ROWS
Observed SEEN
Braille symbols DOTS
Arm joint ELBOW
Weep CRY
Bit of toxic smoke FUME
___ Internacional de los Pueblos Indigenas (Aug. 9 observance) DIA
Beauty chain ULTA
“Monkey Beach” author Robinson EDEN
Brunch drinks served in flutes MIMOSAS
Written description of an online image ALTTEXT
Becomes aware of NOTICES
Pizza herb OREGANO
Treat unfairly on purpose DODIRTY
___ out (barely got) EKED
62-Down for ceramics KILN
Units of land ACRES
Hauls LUGS
“She” in French or “they” in Spanish ELLE
“Well, hey there!” HIYA
Baking appliance OVEN
Not many FEW
Cards issued by the DMV IDS
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